A new air conditioner would be awesome

I suppose that it was around my third anniversary, when I decided that I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I had seen the light and knew that I was destined to join the clergy and devote my life to the priesthood. My parents never forced me to go to church, but 1 afternoon when I attended a service with my Grandmother, I was somehow overcome with joy, love, and excitement. Most of my relatives and family friends seemed to take it as a phase at first, but after a few years, my conviction stuck and they started to take it more seriously. However, everything changed when I entered a young priest training program after high school, however you see, the furnace at my parents beach house was an item of total luxury. It featured advanced humidity control and more heating settings than there were minutes in the afternoon. I never realized how temperature control was something that I totally relied on and took for granted. It seems silly for a heating and cooling conundrum to be my reason for adjusting my life plan, but the upset truth is that Heating, Ventilation, and A/C systems are rarely a section of weekly life in these ancient churches up here in the northeast. In fact, a series of fireplaces was the only comfort the two of us had in 1 of the cathedrals the two of us visited. Now naturally if the heating in a building is not up to par, you can just bundle up and you will be fine. In this unfortunate temperature control scenario though, it would be a weakness for a priest to be so afflicted by the lack of heating.

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