Why pay for someone else’s AC

Did you get a chance to read the blog I posted about the old house I bought at auction? It was a police auction, and they had seized the property of this local moonshiner. I bought the place for a song, just as a goof. But my wife and I found that the bones of the house were still strong, and thought we could fix it up a little bit. Also, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking for moonshine stills the cops had missed. No luck there. The funniest thing about this place is that the house has no air conditioning, but the outhouse out back does. It’s an outhouse, literally a shack built over a hole in the ground, and yet it was the one room with AC! So we set about fixing the place up, but no matter how hot it got we never considered installing an HVAC system in the house. We could do things like paint walls and fix windows, but HVAC technology is pretty complicated, and way over my head. We knew we would need a licensed HVAC contractor to inspect the place and give us an estimate, and we didn’t have money for that yet. If we are going to end up living here then of course we will need a central air conditioning system installed. But I don’t think we are going to, in which case we should leave the expensive HVAC work to the next people who move in here. Why should we pay for someone else’s cooling?

HVAC installation 

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