We know that we need new HVAC products

My wife has been happily working as a nurse since, she was 22 years old. Ever since we got married, we have been traveling around the country together. Fortunately, I can work from our RV, and she receives extra currency for our travel expenses. It has been a lovely experience for both of us. A few years ago, we decided to buy a home. We wanted to have somewhere that we could constantly come home to. Our son and his wife rented the lake house from us mostly because we were constantly traveling. A few weeks after they were residing in the home, they called to tell us about a problem with the HVAC system. They had only been residing in the lake house for 5 weeks, and our HVAC program was only a few years old. I asked them a few questions. I asked them if they checked the batteries on the temperature control. I then asked them if they checked the circuit breaker on the electric panel. I also asked if they changed the air filter lately. When I asked about the air filter, I heard the sigh in our son’s voice. I asked him if he had change the air filter since they had moved into the house. When he could not tell me where the box of air filters was at, I knew that was likely the problem with the HVAC system. I explained how to change the air filter, and I asked a few more troubleshooting questions. After the air filter was correctly replaced, the HVAC program was truly working. My son also commented about the lesser amounts of dust in the lake house.

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