We are all different

I hate cleaning, I mean I hate it worse than anything. I would rather go have a tooth drilled than clean my house. Partially, it’s because I am lazy, and partially it’s because I am well aware of how disgusting I am and I don’t want to deal with the slovenly mess I leave behind. Listen, I know I’m a pig, that’s just my way. This is why I have had a maid service, once a week, for as long as I have lived on my own. I’m not rich, I just make sacrifices in other areas so I can pay for it. One month I didn’t run my air conditioning at all, just so I could put the money towards a maid. That week the maid, a new girl, actually gave me some tips for my HVAC use which could save me money every month. She pulled out the air filter from my central air conditioner and showed it to me. At this point, I had not been aware there were air filters in the house, so it was no surprise at how clogged with grime it was. The air filter had literally never been changed in three years. She cleaned out the air filter as best she could, but told me I needed to buy a new one. With a clean air filter the AC doesn’t have to work so hard, and the monthly utility bills would be a little less. That was music to my ears, because less money on AC meant more money to spend on maids!

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