This air is nice and fresh

It’s an unfortunate truth these days that hard work and perseverance aren’t always enough to get you through life. Sometimes you simply aren’t rewarded for going above and beyond, and it gets quite disheartening to keep trying so hard. This was definitely my experience working at a major land grant University, where slackers were promoted and hard workers were ignored. There have been a times in my life, however, when I’ve actually attained some sort of validation for all my hard work. The most satisfying example being the day I was promoted out of the communal lab space to a private office at my research job. The best part of this, besides having more privacy, was getting away from the terrible air quality controls in the lab. See, you might expect that such a space would have a stable air processing system, but in fact, the whole HVAC system in the lab was incredibly loud and drafty. No matter where you were located, the cold overhead air was constantly streaming down on you. The constant air chill was extremely distracting from my work, and I spent a good amount of time trying to hide from the overbearing air spouting from the ductwork. I was so sick and tired of shivering at my desk and watching my papers blow around in the breeze emanating from the ridiculous and inefficient air handler. I truly couldn’t have been more overjoyed on the day that I was finally recognized for my dedication and I moved to an office space with its very own thermostat.

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