It’s time to tune-up the HVAC unit

My brother Hank always had a flair for the dramatic. We were a blue collar family from a rough and tumble inner city neighborhood, but somehow this young man always seemed to be from high society. He dressed nicely, groomed himself very particularly, and refused to do anything if he could not do it with class and decorum. Above all else he loved to cook, and would serve his perplexed family any number of high end recipes. To this day he still holds monthly dinner parties, for which he works and cooks all through the week to make everything just so. Back then we had a tiny kitchen with no air conditioning, and hardly any ventilation at all. He had to bring in box fans and open the windows instead of using an air filter to clear out the smoke. These days he has a very nice kitchen, with a custom designed HVAC system specifically to make his cooking times more comfortable. The system is also quite amazing in being a powerful air filter that keeps the smells of smoke and grease from spreading throughout the house. He probably spent more on his HVAC system then I spent on my car, but to him it was 100% worth it. The powerful air vents in the range hood always keep the air quality crisp and clean, no matter what he is cooking. And he has a smart thermostat connected to his cell phone, so that he can adjust the temperature settings around him without having to step out of the kitchen.

cooling unit 

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