Indoor comfort is important

I never would have guessed as a child that the piano lessons my mother made me take would end up taking me all around the world. It turned out I was something of a prodigy at the piano, or so I was told. To me, it just felt natural. Pianos and keyboards just make sense to me, and I could play by ear years before I learned to read music. Playing piano paid for my education, afforded me a comfortable lifestyle, and allowed me to see the world. It used to be I could play anywhere, but now I am older and I am more demanding. For example, I cannot play without a good HVAC system nearby. If I want to play my best I need to be calm, relaxed, and comfortable, and for those things I need a good air conditioner. I need to keep cool, so my fingers don’t sweat, but I also need the enhanced air quality. I get nervous before playing for a crowd, and that high indoor air quality helps keep me from hyperventilating. In my younger days of touring I kept a small AC unit and a portable air filter in the trunk of my car, in case the venue lacked an HVAC system, and that saved my butt more than once! Now I am more in demand, I can ask about the HVAC situation up front and decline the show if they can’t meet my requests. I don’t even need the AC on stage as much as I need it before the show, to settle my nerves.

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