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My wifey has been working as a nurse since she was 20 years old… Ever since we got married, we have been traveling around the country together. I can actually work from our RV, and she receives extra money for our travel expenses. It has been an attractive experience for both of us. A few years ago, we decided to buy a home. We wanted to have a locale that we could always return to. Our child and his wifey rented the house from us, because we were always traveling. A few weeks after they were living in the home, they called to tell us about a concern with the Heating and A/C system. They had only been living in the apartment for 5 weeks, and our Heating and A/C was only a few years old. I asked them a few basic questions. I asked them if they checked the batteries on the control unit. I also asked them if they checked the circuit breaker on the electric panel. I also asked if they changed the air filter this week. When I asked about the air filter, I heard a sigh in my son’s voice. I asked him if they had changed the air filter since they had moved into the house. When he could not tell us where the box of air filters was located, I knew that was likely the concern with the Heating and A/C system. I explained how to change the air filter, and I asked a few more troubleshooting questions. After the air filter was replaced, the Heating and A/C proposal was working much better. My child also commented about less dust in the house atmosphere.

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