I only use the AC at night

The strangest summer job I ever had was out in the middle of no man’s land. A little patch of hardscrabble dirt farm in the foothills outside of town, where a reclusive man needed a couple of weeks worth of manual labor. He needed to repair some fences, and do some other heavy chores that he could not handle alone. I would be staying there, in one of his spare rooms, until all the work was finished. He called himself Happy, and he was an odd duck to say the least. He always carried around a shotgun, and he had one tiny little power generator that he used just for the air conditioner and his television. Happy would work hard, but at the end of the day he would turn on his little AC unit and watch video tapes of old game shows. It was a very small, very rickety, and ridiculously old air conditioner. It looked like one of those AC units you put in your window, but it was smaller than that, and looked too frail to sit anywhere but the floor. It was only strong enough for cooling down one room, and maybe not even the whole room. But no matter how hot it got during the day, he never turned the AC on until we were done working. Air conditioning was a reward to be earned, he said, not something you get all the time. For three weeks I worked from sunrise to sunset, and it got so I eagerly looked forward to that little AC unit and those old game shows.

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