HVAC installation

My partner’s job allows the employees to only carry 40 hours of overtime into the next year. When we realized that my partner would have almost 100 hours, We knew that we would have to take a holiday at the end of the year. We started looking into holiday locations. We also were trying to decide if we wanted to take the RV or stay in a hotel. We finally agreed to take a trip into the next state. We wanted something fun and truly different. They were going to have a large New Year’s celebration and the party was going to be grand. It was complete with a live band and flashy fireworks. We gathered all of our belongings and packed them into the truck. The drive took us more than five hours to complete. When we finally arrived to our endpoint, we were surprised with the hotel. The area was actually much nicer than we saw online, and the building looked to be recently remodeled. My partner and I made our way to our room, number 401. We were located on very the top floor of the hotel in a nice non-smoking room. When we walked into our hotel room, we could hear the Heating, Ventilation and A/C running faintly in the background. That was nice news because it was pretty cold outside. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C was already running, and the heat felt comfortably good. We located a control device on the wall and adjusted the indoor temperature to 80 degrees; A few moments after we finished unpacking our clothes, we were feeling almost too warm. We decided to adjust the control device once again. We then decided change the Heating, Ventilation and A/C control device to 76 degrees.

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