A serious heating issue

Another glorious monday morning, another chance to start the work week. In other words, another horrible day! I live for the weekends, and every day in the office, wearing the shirt and tie, is another day my soul dies a little bit. I just don’t like the whole corporate environment. But on the other hand, I like having money and buying things, so staying home and doing nothing isn’t really a viable option for me. The thing about the office is that aside from the work itself being boring, there is always something else irritating going on. Most days it is my office mate complaining, but this monday it was a problem with the heating system. One recurring problem on this floor is that the furnace works a little too well. No matter how low we set the thermostat, it seems that the temperature is always a few degrees higher than we need it. This is a double whammy for me, because in addition to it being overly hot my office mate complains non-stop about the heating. As if I wasn’t aware the furnace was pumping hot air into our office, she had to give a running commentary about it. As usual, I tried to adjust the thermostat, to no avail. And then, also as usual, I complained to my supervisor about the excess heating. Her response, as usual, was to tell me to open a window for some natural ventilation. I think she just doesn’t want to admit that she has no control over the office HVAC system either.

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