Struggling with a repair

This is the last day of my break from school and I only had one goal, to relax before heading back to class. I made sure I was fully packed yesterday so I had little to do today.  I wanted to just stay at home and binge watch mindless television, eat whatever I want, and stay in my pajamas.  Instead, I have spent the day arguing with the with admissions office over an email they supposedly sent but I didn’t receive.  I have been having trouble with my internet for a while so I needed to contact my service provider about that too. To top everything off, my furnace started making a weird smell.  Thankfully, that just meant a call to the landlord because he was responsible for fixing that. He said that he would send the building maintenance person over to check it out. When he got there, I was still on the phone with the cable company  so I just let him in to look at the unit. My cable provider was less than helpful about my problem and only stated that they were having service problems and would resolve them as soon as they could. As for the heat, it was fixed in just a few hours so at least I can head to class tomorrow and know that I will come home to a warm and cozy apartment.  I just hope the other issue gets fixed as I do most of my schoolwork online. I didn’t get my relaxing day and feel as though I was robbed.  Maybe I will try and skip class one day to make up for it.

heater repair 

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