I want my bedding cleaner

While making the bed last week, I realized that the top of the bedspread was covered in fur from our little angel that sleeps with us each night.  I realized that it needed to be washed but didn’t know how to do that. I looked on the care tag and noticed that the directions said dry clean only. While grocery shopping, I noticed that the cleaners next door displayed that they would any size blankets or spreads at 50% off. This was too good to pass up so I abruptly dropped off the groceries and then picked up the bedspread. I went back to the cleaners and handed over the bedspread happy to know that it would be clean and fur free. I was told that I could pick it up on Wednesday and thought that wasn’t too bad.  That was until I realized they meant the following Wednesday.  That night, just before bed, I told my fiance that we would have to do without our bedspread for the next week. He just rolled his eyes and then right away turned up the thermostat for the HVAC system. We have had some really cold weather and he wondered why I couldn’t have waited a week or two before taking in the much needed blanket. I told him about the special pricing and that I wanted to save money on the cleaning. I was glad that we had already had our annual HVAC checkup and we could be confident that our system was working well.  Our central heating and a couple of space heaters kept us warm and toasty for the entire week.  I was still glad when the day came to pick up the spread again.  I even put a sheet over the top of it this time to avoid the fur accumulating on it again.

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