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Winter can be hard on you

My family and I live in the southern region of the country. During most of the year, there is an abundant amount of sunshine and heat. The summer temperatures can be oppressive, especially during June and July. My family and I enjoy the humidity and warm temperatures, because we love to surf and water ski. The winter can be cold at times, but the temperatures are usually quite mild. This month has been really hard on our HVAC system. The first week of the month, we had to run the furnace. It was thirty degrees outside at night. Despite the warm daytime temperatures, we had to turn on the furnace while we were sleeping. I hate having to turn on the furnace, but some nights were close to 60 degrees in the house. We ran the furnace for six days in a row, more than any previous year. Last week, the daily temperatures were close to eighty degrees outside. I went to sleep with the furnace on, and woke up having to use the air conditioner. These changing temperatures have made it difficult to keep the house comfortable. Having to change between the furnace and the air conditioner, is no good for our HVAC system either.  We have to pay our HVAC company to come out and tune-up the system, two times each and every year. These are the types of issues that we face, because we live in the southern portion of the country. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but I wish it would stay warm all through the year.

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Heating equipment inside our home

I love cooking big holiday meals, during the colder winter months. When the oven is going all day, we barely have to use the furnace at all. I tend to get up early in the morning, in order to baste the bird. I have a special blend of seasoning that I use to baste my turkey. The oven gets set to 325 degrees, and the bird bakes all day long. While the turkey is in the oven, I work on other dishes like stuffing, cranberry dressing, and baked macaroni and cheese. These are just a few of my specialities. By the time that everyone else has woken up, the house is warm and toasty. Even without the furnace running, the house is still cozy. Best of all, the whole house smells like fresh baked bread and roasted turkey. I try to make a lot of big meals during the winter season, because the oven adds extra heat into the house. In the afternoon, we can turn off the furnace for hours. With food in the oven and the sun shining on the roof, our house doesn’t need the furnace to run all day. Unfortunately, the summer is not as fun for cooking a large meal. The heat of the oven makes the air conditioner work overtime. I try to cook most of the summer meals, on the outdoor barbeque grill. The kids get to play in the pool, while we grill tilapia, burgers, and chicken. All of the heat stays outside, and the air conditioner gets a break. Maybe that is why we don’t have big family meals, for any of the summer holidays.  

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HVAC installation help

If you are anything like my partner and I then you love to go camping and do outdoors activities in general. Ever since I was a young lad I loved to go camping with my parents and hiking through anywhere with trails, trees, and wildlife. It really has been a passion with me all my life and I still go to this day, though admittedly not as much as I would like to. This year my partner and I decided to try something new and go camping during the winter. Winter camping has some major differences from camping in milder climates though the essentials are the same. The biggest concern you have with winter camping is keeping warm. We have a space heater that we keep covered and right outside the tent so that it can blow warm air inside. No way am I putting something that could potentially start a fire inside something that is flammable, especially when we are also inside that flammable thing. That little heater works great though, and in conjunction with the right clothes you ought to be fine. Now when you’re hiking in the winter it is a bit different. I prefer to go along giant trails that have little places to stop along the way. Nothing is better after a few hours of hiking than finding a nice cabin with a roaring fire to warm you up. Even if they only have a furnace it’s fine, as long as the place is warm. Warming up gives you that second wind you need to continue hiking.

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I’ve been a good homeowner

There are a few things you have to keep in mind when looking at homes up north, but the most important thing is that the house is properly winterized. That means all of the walls and attic have good insulation in them, the windows and doors have good seals when they are shut, that the furnace has been maintenance including changing out the air filter, and that you have a generator backup on hand in case the power goes out. All these things are necessary to make the rough winter storms more bearable. Also, I would recommend finding a home with a fireplace or two in it. Not only do they help offset the energy costs your furnace can rack up, but they also smell pleasant and provide a soothing ambiance to the home. One last thing I can think of is more tertiary to finding a decent home to handle the winter months, and that is getting a good HVAC company to work with. There are tons of them out there so it behooves a person to do a bit of research online, but a decent HVAC company will save you tons of hassle when it comes to your furnace, ducts, vents, and everything else involved with your HVAC system. The better companies will offer a service plan where they will come out biannually to perform regular service work to your system. It comes in handy for those people who are forgetful about those sorts of things. I highly recommend a service plan for any home owner.

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It’s freezing in this place

I am a recent divorcee who is trying to get back into the dating game after many years. I have to say I am a bit rusty as I married my high school sweetheart and we had been together almost twenty years. This feels like a whole new beginning for me but I am ready to take it head on. There are all these internet dating sites around that are suppose to make it easier to find that someone special, but honestly they all seem kind of weird to me. Having all these exchanges with a picture on a computer screen about the mundane things like where you work and what hobbies you have seem rather odd, but I went ahead with it and have actually had some success. I’ve been on a couple dates, though nothing serious has come from it, but then again I suppose this is all sort of a learning curve for me anyway. I did have this pretty wild experience a week ago while on a first date. We went to this restaurant that was supposed to be five stars but it sure didn’t feel that way. It was freezing in there! It’s pretty cold outside to begin with so why you wouldn’t have the furnace running on high I do not know, but they actually had their thermostat set at 62 degrees. I mentioned this to one of the wait staff and I was informed that only the owner was allowed to mess with the heat controls and he wasn’t in. The date went terribly and I will never go back there again.

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I knew we needed updates

In a few weeks we get to go visit my cousin down South. They live in some of the hottest climates in the country and they get so much sunshine it’s criminal. I joke with her, saying their state hordes all the sunshine for themselves. I’d been considering moving down that way for several years so I looked at this as a sort of trial run for living in the area. She always brags about how amazing it is in her state so I’m excited to give it a shot. She also warned that it gets quite hot out here so prepare for heat. Coming from such a cold state, I’m feel more than ready for such a drastic change. She said she doesn’t have anything special like central air conditioning but they have an air purifier as that’s seemingly more important for them as their child has several complications with her respiratory system and indoor air quality is a pressing issue. I completely understood and I hastily shrugged it off as insignificant. Nevertheless, I bought a few t shirts to be ready for the hot weather and she said they got me an extra box box fan to accompany me in my room. I’ve never been a big fan of air conditioning anyway as I seem to adapt better to hotter temperatures anyway. We’ll see how it goes but I’m elated to see the impact of a hot climate. Central air conditioning or not, I think I’ll be able to handle the heat. Ready or not, here I come!

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I needed to click the link

My wife and I went out to dinner for our anniversary just the other day. We went to her favorite restaurant of all time. It’s an expensive high-end Italian restaurant in town with a name I can’t even pronounce. She loves it more than just about any other food. Because I love her more than anything else in the world, I take her there for our anniversary nearly every year, despite the food not being my personal favorite. I really don’t mind because I can eat just about anything and enjoy it. But this time was a different story. Normally, the atmosphere and environment are amazing. The service is generally fantastic too. However, this time around, neither of us really enjoyed our visit. As soon as we got in, we immediately felt a noticeable difference. Apparently the day of our anniversary, their air conditioning decided to go on the fritz. I understand that things happen, but it just seemed ironic that the A/C had to choose today of all days. I asked one of the staff if they had any plans on getting the issue resolved and they said an HVAC company had already been notified and was on the way over at that very moment. I asked my wife if she wanted to stay and she said she didn’t mind since the HVAC company was already on the way over. She wasn’t going to let a lack of A/C ruin our anniversary. Despite all the issues, the food was actually better than normal and they gave us a discount for the malfunction and since it was our anniversary. They earned their place in our book.

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When I was a child

When I was a child, I would go to school just like everyone else. When I turned 14 I started my first day of homeschool. At first, I hated it. I missed my friends and the ability to socialize with people my age. However, as I got more and more used to getting my education in the home environment, I began to love it. It was actually pretty awesome. I got to go to class in my pajamas, I didn’t have to spend 30 minutes on the school bus each way. I didn’t have to deal with other students hassling me just because they’re unhappy with themselves or their own life. Overall, I really began enjoying the entirety of homeschooling. Best of all, I got to adjust the thermostat to whatever I wanted. I wasn’t forced to deal with the school’s excessive use of air conditioning. If I wanted to dress lightly and turn on the heating for a couple of days, I absolutely could… and it is wonderful. There are some days when I want to do the opposite too. I’ll just feel like wearing a sweatshirt and turning on the A/C to counter my warm apparel. It’s fantastic. I love the freedom and the ability to do as I please. I do miss being able to socialize but my tutor isn’t all bad. She went through schooling herself so she knows all about the unnecessary drama and mishaps that happen in public schools. It was because of her reasoning that I actually really bagan loving being home schooled.

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That is what I was looking for

I am so very envious of the folks who somehow have magnificent outdoor gardens or indoor new home plants, then i simply can’t understand how they do it… As much as I love to take care of all things great and small, i just can’t seem to get myself to give the common care to any type of green plant. I don’t believe if it’s because the plants can’t talk to me to you plus ask for what it needs, or if I’m just a total idiot when it comes to redery. Either way, I would entirely love to be able to spruce up our new home with the addition of a few colorful fresh plants, however for years I’ve only managed to fill it with dry, cracked, plus brown foliage. I finally decided one day that enough was enough, and that I was going to try once plus for all to learn some new botany skills… First things first, I had to establish the common air conditions for my indoor plants to flourish, before, I had simply just assumed that the greenery would coexist in the normal air temperature control settings that I was already enjoying. I kept the indoor air humidity quite low plus the temperatures were moderate around 76 degrees year round. After doing some reading on it, i acquired knowledge that this is less than ideal for most plants. In fact, they love air conditions to be rather damp so they can respirate a bit easier through the moisture in the air, and they also cannot handle being right near air vents, which dry them out quickly! With all of this new information in my mind, I have begun updating our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C proposal so that I can finally grow and maintain our own indoor plants.

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The air filter is so important

Every day I have a similar routine when I’m getting ready to go to work. I wake up, pop out of bed once I see that our spouse is moving, as well as go down to the living room to beginning preparing daily provisions. I heat up some water to make pour over tea on the stove first. Then I beginning prepping some sort of easy supper for our spouse to bring with him that afternoon. Once both of those jobs are finished, I then cook up some quick eggs so he can scarf them down for breakfast on her way rushing out the door. After she is gone, I beginning to prepare our own labor space for the day. See, I labor from my beach beach house every afternoon, so our best productivity requires just a few modifications of the indoor space. I will set the lights appropriately so I don’t get headaches as well as tranathletic interest onto the temperature control devices next. I enjoy having the central heating plan set right around 70 degrees, however I’ve realized that these temperatures are only bought on the top floor of the house. The lower levels absolutely stay a great deal cooler, which is far too cold for me to be productive. That’s why I travel down into the lowest level of the house as well as turn on the electric space furnaces in that space. I enjoy both of the heaters to be running on their highest settings, absolutely pumping out tons of warm & dry air into the office area. Finally, after about half an hour or so of great prep time, our labor area is perfectly heated to my ideal indoor air temperature as well as I’m ready to start with my business.

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