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This HVAC is very reliable

My husband and I are really into fixing up old homes and making them new. Once we make the house feel like a home and make it nice and modern, we sell them for a profit. We have done over 20 home renovations but we are still considered newbies. A recent home that we just purchased was built in the early 60’s. It’s a really gorgeous home. It has beautiful crown molding, original hardwood floors, and several amazing skylights. While renovating the living room we noticed a closet that actually had the heating and air conditioning unit in it. This was surprising to us but we learned that it was actually something that was quite common back in the day. It was actually situated on a pump that was connected to the drip system. I don’t know much about it, but when my husband looked confused and concerned I knew something wasn’t right. He explained that it’s just not practical these days because they often times will fail and overflow. We called our HVAC repair guy to take a look at it and he suggested we relocate the HVAC to the attic. Unfortunately, that means we need to relocate the dripline as well. It’s quite a hefty price tag, but that’s what you can expect with older homes. Fortunately, we have an amazing HVAC company that has worked with us on other homes as well. They are super reliable and I know they will do the best work. When it comes to having to relocate the system, we decided to get a new top of the line system to replace it. In the end, this will add a ton of value to the home when we go to sell it.

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I’m hoping to avoid problems

I have a weird thing about air conditioning. I hate the smell of AC and the feel of the cold air hitting me. I always get sick when any air conditioning is on. I am wondering if I am always around dirty AC or if I am slightly allergic to the refrigerant or coolant. Who knows, I just get that I hate AC in general. I don’t own any air conditioning in my home. I open windows up to get a natural breeze. On particular hot days I use window fans and I swim in my pool. Anytime I go outside of my home, I am in trouble. People are insane about AC. The grocery store AC is so intense that I wear a jacket. The movie theater cooling I swear every time it is blowing straight on me. I also don’t like going to other people’s homes. My brother Adam is obsessed with AC. I think he just does not want to sweat. Adam sets his cooling system’s temperature so low. The AC system is blasting every time I go to his place. To make it even worse, he will turn on a ceiling fan with the cooling unit as well. How horrible is that? Then my brother does not want to leave his apartment. He wants to stay in his little AC den. I wonder what happened in our childhood to make us so extreme with cooling. I am anti-cooling and my brother is the number one customer for air conditioning equipment. Who do you think is the normal one in our family?

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Talking with the IT guy

I’m in the outdoors a lot throughout the year.  I’ve always been athletic and enjoy being active, regardless of the seasons.  When I was younger, I played sports during every season.  At that time, baseball was my favorite game.  My teammates were my best friends and we had so much fun together.  It was a pretty long season, too, if you include pre-season training and then pick up games after school let out in the summer.  Now, however, I’ve started running more and I think I really caught the running bug!  I needed a sport that you could pick up anytime, between long work days or the weekends.  I didn’t want to commit to a league like baseball and not be able to make it because of a late meeting.  One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that you get really hot running!  And not just in the summertime.  I remember I just installed an a/c system in my house a few summers ago. It connected well with the HVAC system I already had in place.  I made sure it did and asked an HVAC technician to double check.  After all, the professionals know more than me.  The summer was cool so I hadn’t needed to use the a/c yet.  However, one day coming back from running the day got hotter than I expected and I was way too hot. I could have had heat stroke if I didn’t get cool fast!  I turned on the a/c system and cool, refreshing air flowed through the ducts and cooled me down quickly.  It’s strange, but I always think it’s more important to get warm and being too cold is more dangerous to the human body.  I was wrong in this case.  My HVAC technician did a great job installing the unit and it worked like a charm right when I needed it to.

Leaving it to the pros

I’ve always been good at fixing broken things and making them useful again.  When I was a kid I liked to fix the broken appliances around the house. My parents were happy they didn’t have to hire someone to do it instead.  Now, it’s very useful to fix things that go wrong in my own home.  I stick with appliances or light carpentry work but leave the big things like electrical and my HVAC system to the professionals.  I know that if you mess up with those things, you’re in a lot of trouble! I don’t want to shock myself or be without heat or air conditioning when I need it the most. It’s really important to have a good HVAC system and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.  Besides your own comfort, you need to think of your plumbing freezing if it gets too cold.  On the other side, if the temperature is too hot, your electronics and other possessions could be damaged in the high heat.  The last time I had an issue with my HVAC system I called my local service store and was able to schedule a repair right away.  The HVAC technician was helpful and efficient with the repairs, and my home was comfortable again, with no damage occurring to any of my things.  I appreciate that they fix these complex systems efficiently and quickly.  It’s a talent I don’t have, even if I’m good at fixing other things around my house.

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These ceiling fans are helpful

When we first moved into our house, one of the first things we did was install ceiling fans in just about every room of the house. We had read in an article on energy savings tips that ceiling fans are very helpful in conserving energy and making your HVAC equipment run as efficiently as possible. Since we were moving into an older home with the potential to be a bit of a money drain as far as insulation and energy efficiency goes, we wanted to do everything possible that we could, to help keep our monthly utility bills down.

           Did you know that you can reverse the direction of your ceiling fans to blow the circulating air either up or down? This was one of the surprising things we learned from that energy savings tips article. I didn’t even know that was possible until the article mentioned it. Apparently, the direction your fan is blowing when you have on either the air conditioning or the heating has a direct effect on the quality you get out of the heated or cooled air being blown from your ductwork. It’s funny that something so simple can help you with savings on your monthly utility bills.

          We’ve been in our house for over ten years now, and we have noticed that our bills are much less when we make it a point to use our ceiling fans correctly, in addition to our heating and air conditioning. One of the fans has finally begun to show wear and tear and we may have to replace it soon, but I’m thoroughly convinced that it will pay for itself in energy savings before too long.

Reading my thermostat

Last year at this time, we were on a tropical island. It was strange being there at Christmas-time, especially since it was so warm there. We were not used to having such warm temperatures over the holidays! The weirdest thing was walking around the streets wearing shorts and tank tops and hearing Christmas songs blasting from the speakers as we walked by the stores. At home, we would always have our electric furnace cranked up on full blast and our heated floors turned up as high as they would go at that time of year, but when we were on the island, we actually had to turn on our air conditioner in our hotel room when we would come back for the night.

           The central air conditioning in the hotels there leaves a lot to be desired. Even though each room has its own zone control, I don’t think that they have an HVAC service provider who comes in to do any air conditioner tune-ups or even regular HVAC maintenance on any kind of a consistent basis. When we would turn the thermostat down, the air conditioning would take a long time to come on and then it would only run for a few minutes. We just couldn’t understand why it would do that. Of course, we never tested it to see if the furnace worked because we didn’t want to take the chance that the heater would come on and then not go back off!

          The air conditioning never did get down to a temperature that we felt comfortable with and we ended up sweating through Christmas that year! It did not feel very much like the holidays to us, since instead of sitting by the fireplace, we were sitting by the air conditioning ducts hoping for a breath of cool air!

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I find this disgusting

It was the middle of warm season for us plus of course, all of the kids were on their warm season holiday away from middle school. All the kids were outside playing for a long time on a blazing sizzling day. My spouse obviously knew that they were going to be tired from enduring all of the heat, plus she had tall cool drinks ready for our kids plus their friends to sip. When they came in for a break from playing outside after that, they were ecstatic to get the chilly drinks and frosty treats that were already prepared for them. They were saying how very wonderful the a/c felt in the house of ours! One of the friends were saying that they sure wished their a/c proposal worked nearly as wonderful as ours did. He said that his parents rarely operated the AC system because it worked so poorly that they couldn’t afford to cool down their home all season. I was telling them how we would always make sure to have official repair on our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C device in order to keep it running strong. That was probably what was going wrong with his own AC system at home. The kids seemed quite impressed with that bit of information as they enjoyed their drinks. Not before long, they all went back out to play in the scorching summer sun. From time to time, however,  they would come back inside the condo to sit down and endelight the attractive air conditioning once more.

What is going on here

Just last weekend, we invited a bunch of our best friends over to watch one of our favorite series available today! The two of us had a pretty nice small film theatre room in the house with a high quality projector, but many of our friends were also working on complimenting our attractive Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system downstairs. The two of us certainly just had it taken care of the week prior, so we were totally sure that nothing could go wrong. A few episodes into this amazing series though, most people was starting to get certainly cold down there, then when I went to examine the temperature control unit, immediately it seemed there was something wrong as the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C proposal actually was not keeping up with the settings at all. As a matter of fact, the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C proposal wasn’t even correctly running at all… I tried flipping every switch in the breaker box plus this did not make a difference; So I called up the local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contractor that recently just took care of our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C proposal last week. They quickly sent someone out really promptly. The Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professional on site was saying that it was a really minor issue plus had it totally repaired in roughly 30 minutes, he apologized profusely about the issue we had already experienced plus said that we wouldn’t be charged for that repair either.

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Comfort is very important

It was the middle of summertime and of course, in our neighborhood all of the gentlemen were on their summertime getaway from academia. All the gentlemen were outside playing on a blazing boiling afternoon that day. My wife knew that they were going to be very tired from all of the heat, and she had many cool drinks ready for our gentlemen and their friends. When they finally came in for a chop from playing outside, they were so incredibly glad to get the cold drinks that were already fully prepared for them. They were saying exactly how great the cooling system felt in the house… One of the little friends were saying that they wished their own cooling system idea worked as great as ours did at his house. I was telling them how we would consistently have a professional common service on our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C device in order to optimally keep it running strong. The little gentlemen seemed quite impressed with that new HVAC information as they enjoyed their drinks. Not before long though, they all went back out to play. They went and said they were going to play some baseball. I also told them if they wanted, that later on they could go for a nice swim since we had the swimming pool set up in our backyard again. They all seemed happy about that. Most of them said they would much rather do that than play baseball, however all others still wanted to play ball. So off they went and played baseball for some amount of time and later on they all came to our pool with their swimsuits, ready to go. They all had a blast in the swimming pool. Time to time, though, they would come back inside the little lake house to enjoy the fantastic air conditioner once more.

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Some things you can get used to

Just last weekend, we invited a bunch of friends over to the house to watch a single of our number one series online; All of us had a pretty nice small movie theatre room installed in the house with a high quality projector… Many of our friends were also complimenting our fantastic Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. Since all of us certainly just had it serviced the month prior, we were sure that nothing could go wrong with the machinery. A few episodes into this amazing series, however, everyone was starting to get certainly cold, but then when I went to examine the temperature control unit, everything certainly seemed there was something wrong there, as the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C idea was not adequately keeping up with the setting. As a matter of fact, the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C idea wasn’t even up and running at all, i tried flipping the switches in the breaker box and this did not make any difference, but so I called up the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier who had just serviced our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C idea in the last two weeks, then they sent someone out certainly promptly. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional was apologetically saying that it was a certainly minor issue and had it repaired in roughly 1 hour, but he continued and apologized profusely about the issue we had experienced and also said that we wouldn’t be charged for that repair at all. I felt that was fair since it should have not of happened.

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