Browse Month: January 2018

We’d like a tiny house

My mother found herself alone one day, and she decided that she no longer needed the big house she was living in.  When my father passed away, we all thought she should move in with one of us instead of rattling around in her four bedroom home, all by herself.  A couple of years ago, she had a major problem with her HVAC and it cost her nearly as much to have it fixed as it would have to install an all new system.  That was enough to get her thinking about staying in the house.  Once again, we broached the subject of her moving in with one of us, and she bluntly told us, “NO!”.  About a month ago, she told me that she had sold her house.  I was thrilled and waited to hear her tell me who she was moving in with.  She went into this speech about how small heating and air conditioning systems were being made.  She asked my opinion on ductless mini-split units, and I was honest with all of my answers.  I asked her what all of the questions were about when she came up with one more than totally had me baffled.  She asked if she could live in my backyard.  I stopped what I was doing, and I sat across from her.  All I could was stare as she sat there, idly drinking her coffee.  She had been looking into a tiny house, and said it would be perfect for her, and she would be close enough to share meals with us and see the grandkids.  She just wanted to know if she could hook into my electricity to run her HVAC and lights.  I had a good laugh that day.

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