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I like to workout a lot

It’s important to get your furnace serviced, whether it’s through a scheduled HVAC maintenance appointment or year-round HVAC service plan, to ensure it stays functioning throughout the winter. A broken furnace can ruin all of your winter fun if you’re not careful. I’m a mother of two kids, and they both love winter because of the snow we get in our area. All of the children like to go out to play together, packing snow together in towers for forts and stockpiling snowballs for massive snowball fights. There’s also snow angel making, snowman building, and sledding down the hill in the nearby park. As a parent, I get to be worried about them getting sick from the cold, but as children they get to enjoy themselves and that’s what matters most. Knowing my furnace had been properly inspected before winter began and that I can rely on it to heat my home to warm my kids after a long day of fun in the snow helps reassure me that everything will be okay. If it were to break down, I don’t know what I would do! The HVAC company I have my service plan through offers same-day appointments before a certain time, but what if it required an expensive part or if they didn’t have the necessary tools at the time of inspection to fix it? I couldn’t keep my kids in a cold house indefinitely until it could be fixed. Thankfully that has never been an issue, and I’m sure with the proper diligence my HVAC tune-ups will ensure that any issues are caught and fixed before they become a problem and ruin our winter fun.

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The air is moist

I ran into problems with my gas furnace last January.  Since the furnace was eighteen years old, and no longer reliable, I should have expected it.  I definitely should have set aside some money for a new furnace and looked into different heating options.  I just kept hoping the heating system would make it through another winter.  The furnace made a strange noise in the middle of the night, which woke me up.  I listened for the heater to turn back on, but it never did.  Gradually, the house started to feel chilly.  Since it was only thirty-three degrees outside, I really needed heat.  I got up and checked the supply vents throughout the house.  There was no air circulating through the system.  I messed around the with air filter, thermostat, controls on the furnace and the breaker box, but I couldn’t get the system working again.  Being on a tight budget, I didn’t want to pay the higher charge of emergency service during the middle of the night.  I decided to tough it out until morning.  I dressed in warm layers, thick socks and crawled under the heated blanket on my bed.  First thing in the morning, I contacted a local HVAC contractor and explained the situation.  Once the technician arrived and inspected the furnace, he confirmed that the furnace would cost more to repair than replace.  I wasn’t sure how I could afford a brand new heating system, but he explained that his company offers low interest financing, manufacturer’s rebates and monthly specials.  I now make monthly payments on a brand new furnace that keeps my house perfectly warm.

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Coming back from the bars

Last Friday night, I went out to the clubs with my friends and had a great time.  We spent the evening talking, dancing, and drinking way too much.  Since I only live a few blocks from the clubs, I decided to save money on a cab and walk home.  It is the end of December, and the outside temperature was right around thirty degrees with several inches of snow on the ground. I was dressed in a short skirt and heels, so the walk was pure torture. By the time I made it home, my feet were wet and I was shivering.  I was anxious to step inside my heated house.  Although I had left the furnace running, my house was freezing cold.  I tried turning up the thermostat, but I couldn’t get the heating system to start up.  Because of drinking so much, I had some difficulty finding the number for the HVAC contractor.  Thank goodness they have my address and information on file, because I found it impossible to explain everything.  They promised to send an HVAC technician over within the hour.  I spent the hour bundled up in a blanket, and stuck a pizza in the oven.   I was a little worried I’d end up passing out before the HVAC technician arrived.  He showed up right when the pizza was ready.  It was rather embarrassing when he pointed out that the breaker had simply gotten tripped.  He was able to get the furnace running in less than five minutes.  He and I shared the pizza while the house heated up.

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Technical writing

As a freelance writer, I have written all sorts of stuff. I have written articles for SEO marketing, which is writing stuff that will not even be read by anyone other than a software system! That is very odd, but it serves a purpose and is fine. I live in a college town, and I have assisted professors with editing and revising their scholarly books and articles. I have written all about mixed martial arts and dog grooming and all sorts of other random subjects. By far, though, the toughest thing I have been hired to write is manuals for how to operate and care for things. I have written car manuals, manuals for toy assembly, and HVAC manuals for people to understand how their HVAC systems work and how to properly care for their heating and cooling systems. Does it surprise you to know that just regular people write complicated things like HVAC manuals and car fix-it guides? Me, a middle aged woman with no knowledge of HVAC systems has to write the manual! I have never even seen the inside workings of a residential or commercial HVAC system, so obviously the first thing I needed to do was research! I read everything I could get my hands on about HVAC systems the maintenance and use of heaters and air conditioners. Then, I took that information and put it into layman’s terms. The manuals are not intended to be for HVAC professionals; they are for homeowners, so they can’t be written with jargon and complicated language. Writing manuals is called technical writing, and technical writing is a challenge!

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I’m quite upset by this

None of my siblings have children that are young anymore. In fact, most of my nieces and nephews do not even live near their parents anymore, so Christmas is very different than it used to be. My oldest brother’s wife died two years ago, so he is alone for Christmas. My other brother lives all the way across the country so he spends Christmas with his wife and friends. My sister is single and can’t travel due to health so she stays home and does volunteer work. Well, this year, I suggested we all split the cost of getting a mountain chalet, so that is what we did. The mountain chalet was so lovely. There was snow, which was beautiful to look at and play in. I went sledding and snowboarding and built a snowman. The best thing about the mountain chalet was the fact that it has heated floors. Heated flooring is such an awesome form of heating for any home. Forced air heating, which is the most common in the south, is inefficient and the air coming out of the air vents gives me a sore throat and headache. The heated floors in the mountain chalet, though, gave the whole place a warm cozy feeling, from the ground up. The air was just as warm as that which spews out of air vents, but it wasn’t aggravating. I also noticed that I did not have such a dry throat and sore sinuses. When I got home, I read about heated flooring and discovered that it is considered much more efficient than central heating, which is what I have. I am considering getting heated floors installed in my home when I retire.

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I’m feeling nostalgic

Whenever I think about all of those great years I spent up north in the big city, there are so many things that I miss. Please do not misunderstand my sentiment, I do love this place that I live in now. How could I complain about practically having summer all year round? Not to mention the vegetation down here is stunning with palm trees and spanish moss all around… and the beach landscapes of course are just mesmerizing. But there was something also very charming, at least in retrospect, about the city life I led all the way through my college graduation. My first apartment was a tiny little place in an old building. We always seemed to have issues with our HVAC system, so wearing a sweater and sometimes a jacket indoors was common. Clearly, our climate control system was not even on our landlord’s radar. We would try to call him to complain about the furnace being down again and again, but this was before cell phones. The heating complaints just piled up on his answering machine until it was full and started rejecting our calls. Space heaters were not a great solution either because they were very expensive to run. Back then, a gas furnace was really the only affordable, efficient form of heating. Nowadays they make all kinds of energy efficient space heaters that actually stand a chance at making a room comfortable during the winter, but climate control technology at the time was lacking to say the least. Still, regardless of our heating shortcomings, I still remember those times fondly.

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Figuring out what’s wrong

It has hardly been four years since my brother and I opened up our brewery, right here in our hometown, and we are incredibly proud to say that we are the number one restaurant and bar in the region. We have repeatedly won this honor three years in a row now and it does not look like we have much competition on the horizon. Recently, there has been a boom in local real estate so retail and restaurant spaces are becoming more and more expensive to rent and buy. We came in at the perfect time and were able to establish our business when the costs were still relatively low. The success of our business became evident when we had to upgrade the climate control system not too long ago. At first my heart dropped when the technician said our HVAC system was a complete loss. The more I looked at the figures though, it became apparent that the heating and cooling system overhaul was completely within our budget. When we started our climate control shopping, I felt very good about our business venture. As massive of an expense as HVAC equipment is, it almost seemed like pocket change in comparison to our profit margins. Of course, a furnace to keep our guests warm in the winter and an air conditioner to keep them cool in the summer are completely necessary, but this kind of an HVAC system purchase would have put the majority of local businesses in the red. Not us though. The climate control system was installed within days and our business just kept right on flourishing.

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This is my personal nightmare

Everyone dreams about owning their own home. After taking years to save up enough money, my wife and I were finally able to afford a house of Our Own. We spent all of our money to make the down payment on the house. We moved in a few months ago, and it has been problem after problem after problem. No matter what we do, it seems like we can’t get ahead. We had an inspector out to see the house before we bought it, and they didn’t find any of these problems. Now that we have signed the papers, we have had Plumbing issues, electrical issues, and now issues with the HVAC system. The HVAC system is going to be the biggest problem of them all, because it is going to be the problem that cost us the most money. My wife and I found out that we will need a new HVAC system for our house. The HVAC system is aged and non-functioning. Since we did not have to use the air conditioning system until recently, we had no idea that the entire system would not work. My wife and I found out that it is going to cost almost $5,000 to get a new HVAC system. We used all of our money for the down payment on the house, and now our savings account is depleted. Thankfully, my wife and I will be able to get financing for the new HVAC system. If our credit was terrible, I don’t know how we would have been able to live without the HVAC system being fixed.

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We aren’t letting anyone into our home

My mom called me on the phone today, because she was frantic. She had been listening to the news, and her a story that scared her. There was a man in our neighborhood, who was pretending to be an HVAC technician. The man was knocking on doors, and then trying to get women to let him inside. He claimed to be there to fix a problem with the HVAC system. Once the man gained access to the home, he was wreaking havoc inside of the home. My mom knew that I had been experiencing difficulties with my HVAC system recently. She was worried that I would let someone into the home, without asking them for any type of credentials. My mom was very happy to hear that my HVAC system had been fixed yesterday. I had been experiencing problems for a few weeks, and the landlord finally decided to do something about the HVAC system. It took several weeks of complaints and phone calls, but I was finally able to get the HVAC system repaired. I was glad that my mom was worried, and I thanked her for her concern. When I hung up the phone, I called a few of my girlfriends to tell them about the guy. They had heard the same thing on the news, but they had heard that it was someone claiming to be a plumber. Either way, it was important not to let anyone into our homes. This was the time when we needed to be strong and vigilant, and look out for each other.

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There’s no doubt in my mind

It was 4th of July weekend, and my wife and I decided to go away at the last minute. She was supposed to work on a huge project over the weekend, but her boss told her to go home. We had no idea that we would be able to spend the holiday together, so we didn’t have any plans. My wife and I searched for any hotel by the beach, and we finally found something. There was a hotel that was going through a remodel, and only half of it was open to customers. A lot of people did not want to go to the hotel, because they were in the middle of a remodel. My wife and I decided to take a chance, and we made reservations for two nights. When we arrive to the hotel, the outside appearance clearly showed that the hotel was in the middle of a remodel. When we walked into the lobby, everything was business as usual. The person behind the desk was very friendly, and apologized for the outward appearance. A bellhop showed us to our room, which was located on the 4th floor. My wife and I walked inside, and found the indoor air quality to be superb. The HVAC system was already on, and our room was our very own thermostat. The HVAC degrees, and my wife and I felt very comfortable. We on packed our bags, while leafing through the take out pamphlets. I sat on the bed, and started to shiver a little bit. Even though the HVAC thermostat was set to 72 degrees, it felt very cold inside of the room.