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The other day, my friend invited me over to watch some football. It was a great time and we enjoyed watching the game with some good snacks and drinks. I remember looking around the house and I actually didn’t see any air vents. What was interesting to me was how perfectly warm it felt. It was also strange that the floors felt so incredibly warm and toasty. I couldn’t help but ask my friend where the air vents were and how the floors felt so warm. He told me that he had Radiant Heated Flooring in his house. There was no need for ductwork or air vents, because the heating was literally under the floorboards and in the walls. He said it was basically a series of pipes connected to his boiler. The heated water would flow through the pipes and warm the household according to the setting on the thermostat. He also had a smart thermostat with zone control. It was great because he said he could heat and cool any part of the household at customized temperatures. This way he didn’t even have to waste energy heating and cooling parts of the property that weren’t in use. The smart thermostat was great because he could control the thermostat remotely. If he ever forgot to turn off the HVAC system when he left the house, there was no need to worry. He could easily make adjustments no matter where he happened to be. All of this sounded so fascinating to me. When I went back home, I had to tell my wife all about the Radiant Heated Flooring. She thought it sounded so amazing, and we decided to call up our local HVAC company to get a free evaluation.

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