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My whole family likes to go on this annual camping trip. We have our own campsite with cabins. Some people sleep in the cabins and some people pitch a tent. It really is up to you. We have a lot of things in the cabin already waiting for us. We keep lots of warm clothes on hand, dried foods and matches to make fire. In fact, there is so much stored in the cabin, I hardly have to bring anything. The one thing I absolutely have to remember every year is the space heaters. My family and I all agree that leaving the heaters there is not a good idea. Basically all the stuff in our cabins could be stolen and we would not care. The heaters are a different story. So every year I bring the heaters and remember to take them home. I have done it religiously for about ten years. Well this fall was the first time that I forgot the heating systems. The whole family was disappointed but we all thought it was no big deal. We are wilderness people, we could totally live a week without heating. It only took about two days before we all started complaining. Relying on fire is totally horrible. Of course this fall was a cold one that we really needed my space heaters. We all ended up cutting the camping trip short since the heating situation was just plain terrible. I felt so bad that I forgot the heaters. I got yelled at endless for it too, so I won’t forget them ever again.

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