Summer parties are fun

Last summer, we had a really great summertime pool party bash! It was a great time and we had a really nice party. We had the music going, the food cooking on the grill, and the pool was ready to go! It was a really hot day and a lot of people went in the pool. I was on grill duty and was cooking up burgers, hot dogs, steaks, and chicken. There was a ton of good food, like my wife’s homemade mac and cheese, potato salad, and all kinds of great dishes! I figured the only thing that could of made things better would have been a live band. We had a really decent sound system though, so the music was fantastic. We even had a mister going for people to go cool down in the cooling mist. Some people wanted to just hang out inside the house as well with the comfort of the cool air conditioning. Unfortunately, the A/C actually failed halfway through the party. I didn’t even know until someone came to let me know that the A/C wasn’t working. I got on the phone right away with my local HVAC company. Since I had an HVAC system maintenance plan, I had priority repairs. They sent out an HVAC technician within 30 minutes, and the guy was fantastic. He had the A/C going again in no time at all. He said it was a very minor issue that was easy to fix. I told him he should hang out for a while, and it was funny because he took me up on the offer. He hung out for a little while and got to socializing with some of the people at the party and had some of the delicious food. He thanked me later for the good times and said he had to be on his way.

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