I would love some cleaner air

My wife and I had been working long hours and seeing very little of each other.  We finally decided to schedule a long weekend vacation.  Since we did not have a lot of time for travel, we chose a small cabin near a beautiful lake.  We hoped to enjoy a gorgeous view.  This was at the end of January, and we knew the temperature would most likely be right around freezing, with significant snowfall.  We planned to bundle up and hike the nearby trails.  I made sure to book a cabin with a modern heating system and running water, and we packed very warm clothes, boots, and hiking gear.  When we arrived at the cabin, we were delighted by the scenery and accommodations.  We immediately dressed for the weather and spent the entire day exploring the trails through the mountains and around the lake.  By the time we returned in the evening, the outside temperature had dropped down to twenty-nine degrees.  We were anxious to start up the cabin’s heating system, change into our pajamas and relax.  Unfortunately, I could not get the heating system started.  I tried every single button on the thermostat, looked for a reset button on the actual heating component, checked the fuse box and even cleaned the air filter.  I had no choice but to call the property manager and ask for assistance.  Since it was after business hours, I couldn’t get a hold of anyone.  My wife and I spent the night without heat, bundled up in layers of clothes and blankets, shivering.  By the following morning, we were desperate for the heating system to be repaired.  

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