I want to clean everything

For people who enjoy going to garage and yard sales, flea markets are one step up from that. You have a variety of stalls and vendors, selling everything from homemade soap to used clothing to old videos and games to antiques. There’s a little something for everybody. Some are located in a series of outdoor stalls or canopied walkways, while some are large enough to have an entire building, or sometimes multiple small buildings close to one another, for the sellers. I’ve sold in one of those types for the past five years now. I pick up neat little trinkets and anything that catches my eye at yard sales I find, and sell them for a small profit at the flea market. It’s a wonderful environment, with friendly sellers around my area, and a wonderful air conditioning system keeping the entire building comfortable with its cooling. There’s no heating, but where I live that’s rarely ever a problem. The one time the air conditioner broke, however, the flea market became a miserable place to be. So many sellers and people browsing the merchandise in such a crowded space generates a lot of body heat, which made things unbearable comfortable without any cooling. People were uncomfortable and cranky, and it got hard to keep my patience with all of the irritated customers who kept trying to barter down my prices. Some vendors brought in fans to try to keep cool but that only blew around the hot air. Luckily, these conditions only lasted one weekend and the AC was quickly fixed, but should it ever break again I know I’ll be taking those days off.

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