I scheduled a repair

When my wife, Melanie, and I wanted to get away from our hectic, everyday lives, we rented a cabin in the woods.  We thought the peace, quiet and simplicity would be ideal.  We found a small, rustic cabin near a large lake and surrounded by hiking trails.  We planned to spend our days fishing, hiking, and relaxing.  We hoped to have a fire in the evenings, sip wine, and simply enjoy the solitude.  The reality was much less pleasant.  We arrived at the cabin just in time for the weather to take a turn from the worse, and the outside temperature plummeted into the low forties.  Our rustic accommodations did not feature any electricity.  That left us without lights, running water and a heating system.  There was no thermostat to turn up for comfort.  Instead, we needed to chop down trees, and drag logs back to the cabin.  It took hours to chop up the wood, and it was freezing cold.  The logs created a mess in the cabin, and we had difficulty getting the fire started.  Once the fire got going, the cabin filled with smoke because we hadn’t adequately opened the flu.  The only way to keep warm was to sit right up near the fire and inhale the fumes.  Although Melanie and I appreciated our time together, we will never again rent a place without a working heating system or running water.  We were both anxious to get home to our smart thermostat, furnace, television, and plumbing system.  Our next vacation, we plan to stay at an all-inclusive resort.  

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