We don’t have enough zone control

Christmas will soon be upon us.  I’m excited, but that means that it is almost winter, and it has already been cold, but the hardest part of winter is still to come.  I used to love the cold and snow, but as I get older, I am starting to like it a little less.  I don’t dislike it enough to move out of the area, but I dislike it enough to want a better and more reliable heating system.  I want to be able to be at seventy degrees all day and all night.  The problem with that is that when I go to bed, I like it a little cooler, so I can cuddle up underneath the blankets and be warm and cozy.  My husband has said that he will adjust the thermostat, but if we change the thermostat in the bedroom, it affects my office.  They are the only two rooms in the house that are connected with one thermostat.  The rest of the house has zone control, but when these two rooms were added they used only thermostat.  It is horrible, because my finger are always cold, and I start shivering, because of the lack of heat.  To top it off, when the house was built, there were cupboards put into the office, and they completely cover the baseboard heaters so I don’t get any heat from them, even if I did have the heating I wanted.  I wonder how Santa Claus handles the cold, when he supposedly comes from a place where the average temperature is forty degrees below zero.  I sure wanted his heating bills.

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