It’s still cold down here

This past weekend I ventured out of my central US city alongside my boyfriend on a journey down to Florida. One of his oldest friends was getting married and he was in the wedding party, but we decided to stay down in the south for the entire week in order to celebrate Thanksgiving a few days later. Since my boyfriend has so much family down here, including his 4 year old son, we have plenty to do in this area. We were also looking forward to escaping the chilly weather up north and enjoying some warm sunshine on the beach instead. Little did I know that somehow my stupid body would still manage to be cold in the most ridiculous times. For instance, just a few hours ago we were hanging out at the beach and there was delightful ventilation coming in off the ocean. The air was warm and the sun was shining brightly, but I was still freezing cold for every minute of it! The breeze was so intense that I felt as if an air conditioner was blowing straight on my body, and I was covered in goosebumps immediately. I honestly felt more chilled than if we were standing indoors, standing directly in front of a central cooling air vent. I know it’s nonsensical, but I sincerely have felt like the air was just as cold down here as at home. However, it almost feels worse here, because I’m constantly in my bathing suit expecting comfortable air temperatures, and instead I’ve been greeted with disappointingly cold temperatures.

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