I shouldn’t have changed things

I get so nervous before I go on trips that sometimes I think they’re more stressful than their worth. Seriously, I put myself through weeks of anxiety leading up to our departure that it seems like torture rather than an enjoyable holiday from the real world. I just have to be sure that everything is completely arranged; the tickets and living situation are fully planned, I have packed everything I could possibly need to bring, and our home is in tip top shape before we walk out the door. That’s why I was so upset after I went through all the motions and still forgot to turn off our HVAC system before we left the other day. We were headed down south for a week or so, and I was especially paranoid about keeping everything clean and secure at home. However, during the rush out the door, I did not think about the thermostat for a single second, and I completely forgot to power down the furnace. About halfway through the drive I realized my mistake; the central heat was running, keeping the indoor air completely warm and comfortable for absolutely no one. An empty house was being heated, and we were footing the bill for all of this energy expenditure. Of course, when I checked the weather there I saw that a cold front was moving in, bring plenty of cold wet air into our area. That means our furnace is working overtime to keep the house perfectly warm; I can’t even enjoy this trip because I’m too worried about our energy bill.

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