A very great HVAC unit

We are experiencing a balmy fifty degree day today.  At least that is what the weatherman said.  I beg to differ with him, because my porch thermometer reads a balmy 39 degrees.  We are told that the difference in temperature is because we live on the mountain, and we live on the north side, which means we have more shade and the sun doesn’t hit us as directly.  Whatever the reason, when it is ninety in town, it is eighty on our porch.  It also means that if it is snowing on our house, there is every possibility that it is raining in town.  I don’t care about the differences, I only know that we have a really good HVAC system to offset the temperatures outside, regardless of what they may be.  I don’t mind the cold, because we have a furnace to keep us warm.  We also have a wood burning stove, and when I put the potpourri in the old iron pot, it brings the smell of the forest inside.  The heat isn’t horrible, but sometimes the humidity gets to be a bit much.  My husband makes sure our air filters are the best and he changes them often, so we don’t need to worry when we run the air conditioning.  The air is fresh and clean, regardless of what is happening outside.  I guess I’m kind of spoiled by our HVAC system.  I know that it set up so my asthma doesn’t act up as bad as it once did, but when I go someplace that doesn’t have such a good air filtering system, I really notice.  Spoiled or not, I like knowing that I can breathe comfortably in my own home.

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