A snowy football game

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl Game.  I woke up that morning, and it wasn’t even eight in the morning, and my friend was pounding on the hotel room door.  He was ready to head out to the game, and it didn’t even start until six in the evening.  You should have seen the surprise on our face when we looked out at a foot of snow covering the ground, and it was still snowing.  We found a cab that could get us to the stadium, but first we had to be sure they would have the game.  He called up a friend of his who said they never cancelled a super bowl game, but we could join the team for warm up and breakfast.  We got to the ball field, and the team wasn’t the football team, but the team of people who were working on the HVAC system to get heat to the special suite where the hotshots were to be seated.  I was so grateful when we were taken to one of those suites.  The heating was exquisite, and I was really happy.  The snow was steadily coming down, and I was watching people shovel the snow off the stadium seats.  The snow hadn’t been predicted, and the top of the stadium hadn’t been closed.  We sat in our heated suite, and watched as the snow was removed.  There were patio heaters placed around the area to make sure there was heat for the team and the coaches.  Because of the the large amount of snow, that had finally stopped coming down, they were unable to close the roof, but it was a great game, and our HVAC never quit working.

cooling unit 

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