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We like the sativas

I have been friends with my next door neighbor for quite some time now.  Ever since I moved into the neighborhood, she and I have been talking and I would have coffee with her.  Over the last couple of months, I have been shying away from her, and actually trying to avoid being around her.  I’ve noticed that she has taken up smoking marijuana, and it isn’t just the fact that I hate the smell, but I am a teacher.  I can’t afford to have the odor of marijuana on my clothing or in my hair.  She also has a couple of kids, which really worries me.  I’ve considered calling the police, because marijuana is illegal in our state, but I hate to think what would happen to her children if she is arrested.  I want to talk to her, but I really don’t know what to say to her about the marijuana.  I’ve found that it is easier to just ignore her when she calls or comes over, and not to talk to her.  Last week, I was talking about her, with a mutual friend of ours.  She told me that my friend was having some pretty rough medical problems.  I hadn’t known about this, but then our friendship was pretty superficial.  She said that the doctor had prescribed  medical marijuana to help ease some of her pain that goes with the condition.  I felt so bad, because I had assumed the worst about her.  I have considered grabbing a pizza and just showing up at her door.  Maybe I’ll be able to talk to her about what I was feeling, or maybe we can just start over again, and become real friends.

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We have some of the newest air conditioning

My whole family likes to go on this annual camping trip. We have our own campsite with cabins. Some people sleep in the cabins and some people pitch a tent. It really is up to you. We have a lot of things in the cabin already waiting for us. We keep lots of warm clothes on hand, dried foods and matches to make fire. In fact, there is so much stored in the cabin, I hardly have to bring anything. The one thing I absolutely have to remember every year is the space heaters. My family and I all agree that leaving the heaters there is not a good idea. Basically all the stuff in our cabins could be stolen and we would not care. The heaters are a different story. So every year I bring the heaters and remember to take them home. I have done it religiously for about ten years. Well this fall was the first time that I forgot the heating systems. The whole family was disappointed but we all thought it was no big deal. We are wilderness people, we could totally live a week without heating. It only took about two days before we all started complaining. Relying on fire is totally horrible. Of course this fall was a cold one that we really needed my space heaters. We all ended up cutting the camping trip short since the heating situation was just plain terrible. I felt so bad that I forgot the heaters. I got yelled at endless for it too, so I won’t forget them ever again.

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My ski trip

Last winter I took a trip to Switzerland. I am an avid skier, so I wanted to ski in one of the most beautiful places in the world. It was a bucket list trip that I’ve been wanting to make for a very long time. The landscapes were beautiful, and I was able to get in some good skiing hours there. The food was great, and I stayed in a wonderful hotel too. It was so cold that I had to run my heater 24/7 just to stay somewhat comfortable while in the hotel. At night, after being on the slopes all day, I was exhausted and shivering by the time I was ready to chill out. Had it not been for my heater and my fireplace, I probably wouldn’t have endured for the entire week. The whole experience made me realize how dependent I am on my HVAC system back home. A good heating and cooling system is essential to keep me comfortable and able to take on the day. this is probably even more important when traveling because I know that I for one always try to take on a lot of things in a short amount of time. if I can’t get some good rest at night in a comfortable place, then I would not be any good the next day. I hope that I can take another trip like this one day. I really enjoyed myself, and I loved my nights by the fireplace. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world. Everyone should make an effort to do some kind of traveling during their lifetime. It’s really rewarding, and the landscapes are beautiful.

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Summer parties are fun

Last summer, we had a really great summertime pool party bash! It was a great time and we had a really nice party. We had the music going, the food cooking on the grill, and the pool was ready to go! It was a really hot day and a lot of people went in the pool. I was on grill duty and was cooking up burgers, hot dogs, steaks, and chicken. There was a ton of good food, like my wife’s homemade mac and cheese, potato salad, and all kinds of great dishes! I figured the only thing that could of made things better would have been a live band. We had a really decent sound system though, so the music was fantastic. We even had a mister going for people to go cool down in the cooling mist. Some people wanted to just hang out inside the house as well with the comfort of the cool air conditioning. Unfortunately, the A/C actually failed halfway through the party. I didn’t even know until someone came to let me know that the A/C wasn’t working. I got on the phone right away with my local HVAC company. Since I had an HVAC system maintenance plan, I had priority repairs. They sent out an HVAC technician within 30 minutes, and the guy was fantastic. He had the A/C going again in no time at all. He said it was a very minor issue that was easy to fix. I told him he should hang out for a while, and it was funny because he took me up on the offer. He hung out for a little while and got to socializing with some of the people at the party and had some of the delicious food. He thanked me later for the good times and said he had to be on his way.

What is available

The other day, my friend invited me over to watch some football. It was a great time and we enjoyed watching the game with some good snacks and drinks. I remember looking around the house and I actually didn’t see any air vents. What was interesting to me was how perfectly warm it felt. It was also strange that the floors felt so incredibly warm and toasty. I couldn’t help but ask my friend where the air vents were and how the floors felt so warm. He told me that he had Radiant Heated Flooring in his house. There was no need for ductwork or air vents, because the heating was literally under the floorboards and in the walls. He said it was basically a series of pipes connected to his boiler. The heated water would flow through the pipes and warm the household according to the setting on the thermostat. He also had a smart thermostat with zone control. It was great because he said he could heat and cool any part of the household at customized temperatures. This way he didn’t even have to waste energy heating and cooling parts of the property that weren’t in use. The smart thermostat was great because he could control the thermostat remotely. If he ever forgot to turn off the HVAC system when he left the house, there was no need to worry. He could easily make adjustments no matter where he happened to be. All of this sounded so fascinating to me. When I went back home, I had to tell my wife all about the Radiant Heated Flooring. She thought it sounded so amazing, and we decided to call up our local HVAC company to get a free evaluation.

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I am relieved now

Last Saturday night started off as a very fun night for my wife and I. We both had a very long week prior to that, so we decided to just relax on Saturday evening with a nice movie. We had everything all set up. I made a big bowl of popcorn while my wife set up the movie in the living room. We sat down to watch the show, when all of a sudden our heating and cooling system began to make a very loud banging noise. I could hear the noise easily coming from the air vent by our heads. The noise sounded like it was originating from the heating and cooling system, and emanating through the ductwork. I put the movie on pause, and got up to check the heating and cooling system. I opened up the closet door where we kept the main part of the heating and cooling system, and took a look at it. After about 15 minutes of poking around, I realized that I had no idea what I was looking at. It was sort of late to call up a local heating and cooling system repair shop, but I gave it a shot anyway. I was surprised when someone picked up the phone. The owner of the heating and cooling business was able to send out a worker to look at my heating and cooling system. I was so relieved! The worker showed up in 15 minutes, and had our heating and cooling system running in about 30 more minutes. What a surprise!

A broken heater

It was finally just about the end of the day. I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy. I can’t stand my job, so this was like a little piece of heaven. I clocked out, ran out to my car, and didn’t look back! I was going to have a great night, that was for sure. Unfortunately, the universe had new ideas for me. When I got home, I realized that my heating and cooling system was not working. This was a terrible calamity, because it is now the middle of the winter. I needed my furnace to be working. It was a  frigid 28 degrees outside, so I called my local heating and cooling system repair shop very quickly. I really hoped they would send out a heating and cooling system repair person soon. I needed my furnace on! I was way too cold without a working furnace, so I covered myself in a nice, warm blanket. I couldn’t deal with the cold temperature without my furnace. I waited and waited for the heating and cooling system repair shop to pick up the phone. The HVAC business finally picked up the phone after the 21st ring. They told me that a heating and cooling system repair person would be there shortly. Hopefully they could fix the HVAC system soon. I wanted to enjoy some of my night off before I had to go back to work in the morning! The heating and cooling system repair person showed up at my house shortly after, and fixed my furnace. I was able to enjoy at least a small portion of my night off.

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I scheduled a repair

When my wife, Melanie, and I wanted to get away from our hectic, everyday lives, we rented a cabin in the woods.  We thought the peace, quiet and simplicity would be ideal.  We found a small, rustic cabin near a large lake and surrounded by hiking trails.  We planned to spend our days fishing, hiking, and relaxing.  We hoped to have a fire in the evenings, sip wine, and simply enjoy the solitude.  The reality was much less pleasant.  We arrived at the cabin just in time for the weather to take a turn from the worse, and the outside temperature plummeted into the low forties.  Our rustic accommodations did not feature any electricity.  That left us without lights, running water and a heating system.  There was no thermostat to turn up for comfort.  Instead, we needed to chop down trees, and drag logs back to the cabin.  It took hours to chop up the wood, and it was freezing cold.  The logs created a mess in the cabin, and we had difficulty getting the fire started.  Once the fire got going, the cabin filled with smoke because we hadn’t adequately opened the flu.  The only way to keep warm was to sit right up near the fire and inhale the fumes.  Although Melanie and I appreciated our time together, we will never again rent a place without a working heating system or running water.  We were both anxious to get home to our smart thermostat, furnace, television, and plumbing system.  Our next vacation, we plan to stay at an all-inclusive resort.  

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I would love some cleaner air

My wife and I had been working long hours and seeing very little of each other.  We finally decided to schedule a long weekend vacation.  Since we did not have a lot of time for travel, we chose a small cabin near a beautiful lake.  We hoped to enjoy a gorgeous view.  This was at the end of January, and we knew the temperature would most likely be right around freezing, with significant snowfall.  We planned to bundle up and hike the nearby trails.  I made sure to book a cabin with a modern heating system and running water, and we packed very warm clothes, boots, and hiking gear.  When we arrived at the cabin, we were delighted by the scenery and accommodations.  We immediately dressed for the weather and spent the entire day exploring the trails through the mountains and around the lake.  By the time we returned in the evening, the outside temperature had dropped down to twenty-nine degrees.  We were anxious to start up the cabin’s heating system, change into our pajamas and relax.  Unfortunately, I could not get the heating system started.  I tried every single button on the thermostat, looked for a reset button on the actual heating component, checked the fuse box and even cleaned the air filter.  I had no choice but to call the property manager and ask for assistance.  Since it was after business hours, I couldn’t get a hold of anyone.  My wife and I spent the night without heat, bundled up in layers of clothes and blankets, shivering.  By the following morning, we were desperate for the heating system to be repaired.  

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I want to clean everything

For people who enjoy going to garage and yard sales, flea markets are one step up from that. You have a variety of stalls and vendors, selling everything from homemade soap to used clothing to old videos and games to antiques. There’s a little something for everybody. Some are located in a series of outdoor stalls or canopied walkways, while some are large enough to have an entire building, or sometimes multiple small buildings close to one another, for the sellers. I’ve sold in one of those types for the past five years now. I pick up neat little trinkets and anything that catches my eye at yard sales I find, and sell them for a small profit at the flea market. It’s a wonderful environment, with friendly sellers around my area, and a wonderful air conditioning system keeping the entire building comfortable with its cooling. There’s no heating, but where I live that’s rarely ever a problem. The one time the air conditioner broke, however, the flea market became a miserable place to be. So many sellers and people browsing the merchandise in such a crowded space generates a lot of body heat, which made things unbearable comfortable without any cooling. People were uncomfortable and cranky, and it got hard to keep my patience with all of the irritated customers who kept trying to barter down my prices. Some vendors brought in fans to try to keep cool but that only blew around the hot air. Luckily, these conditions only lasted one weekend and the AC was quickly fixed, but should it ever break again I know I’ll be taking those days off.

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