Browse Month: December 2017

That visit was a nightmare

A friend of mine decided to leave her husband. She needed a place to stay for a few days and asked if she could use my couch. Of course I agreed, and she has been here for the past 6 months. I thought she was going to be here for a few days, or even perhaps a few weeks. I have tried to talk to her about leaving my apartment, but she does not seem to get my subtle hints. At first, it was not a problem for her to be here. She was helping out with my dog, and it was cool to catch up after a long time. Over the past couple of weeks, she has started to complain about the air conditioner in my apartment. I told her that the air conditioner was working fine, but that I preferred to keep the thermostat set to 70 degrees. She didn’t seem very happy with my settings, and I suspect she had been changing the air conditioner throughout the day. The thermostat for the air conditioner has a touchpad key. I set a lock on the touchpad key, so that I was the only person who could adjust the air conditioner settings. When she started to complain about the air conditioner again, I offered the solution of finding her own place. When I came home from work this afternoon, there was an air conditioner repair person in my apartment. He was trying to sell her a new air conditioning unit, and I was completely surprised to see another person in my apartment. I immediately dismissed the air conditioning repair guy and ask my friend to pack her bags.

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I’m eligible for health insurance

My friends and I were determined to live alone, no matter what we had to do. We all graduated high school at the same time, and each of us wanted to move out of our parents home. Since it was going to cost a decent amount of money to live on my own, I knew I would need a good job. I started looking at the newspaper everyday. I saw an ad at one of the local HVAC shops. They were hiring for someone to sweep up in the HVAC shop. I didn’t know anything about the heating and cooling industry, but I was sure that I could manage to sweep floors. I contacted the number on the advertisement and made an appointment for an interview at the HVAC shop. The person who interviewed me was very nice and made me feel welcome. It was one of my first interviews, and I was naturally nervous. When my interview was complete, the woman opens the door and called another person in side. I wasn’t sure what was happening, until the man extended his hand to shake mine. He offered me the job as the new shop assistant, for the HVAC business. Best of all, I was going to be receiving $2 higher than minimum wage. That was going to make a huge difference in my paycheck. I was also going to be eligible to get health insurance, from this HVAC company. I knew how lucky I was to have answered that advertisement in the paper. Twenty years later, I still work for the same HVAC company.

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The air conditioner really saved me

I haven’t seen my sister in almost 5 years. We live about 600 miles away from each other, and it can be impossible to find time. I had been looking forward to my sister’s visit for the past 6 months. We plan to get together over the holidays, and I was going to see my sister for Christmas. I had not seen my nephew’s in quite some time, and I was excited to see how much they had grown. My sister arrives a few days ago, and things have been nothing but awkward. My two nephews behave badly and talk to their parents in an awful way. I can’t believe how much my sister puts up with, and I am terrified to tell her. Today was the last straw, because my nephew broke the thermostat in our hallway. The two boys had been arguing all day. They had already broken a lamp and a chair. I was at the top of my boiling point when they crashed through the hallway and not the thermostat right off of the wall. There was a hole in the drywall and wires dangling from the thermostat. I started yelling and screaming and my sister ran in from the kitchen. She scolded the boys and told them to go outside and play. She told me that boys will be boys and never even addressed the broken thermostat. I am sitting in my room right now trying to write something down, because I am afraid I might go out there and tell them to leave. I don’t want to overreact because of the thermostat, but I am ready for them to go home.

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We’re throwing a little party

If I had known that my heater was going to break the day of my Halloween party, I would have moved it back by about a week. The whole drama started the morning of the party. When I got out of bed in the morning to make breakfast and start cooking for that afternoon, I noticed a terrible burning smell. My first thought was that something had caught fire, and I woke my husband up so that he could figure out where the smell was coming from. He went to the basement to look at the furnace and came back with the bad news that the smell was coming from our heater. He shut it off and called the AC repairman while I put on warmer pants and a warmer sweater. The house would stay warm while I cooked, or so I hoped. By the time our guests began to arrive, the house had cooled to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, about 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. I passed out hot apple cider, coffee, and blankets, and everyone spent the party inside. Many huddled in the kitchen by the oven which I left running on purpose. Several people left early because their children were cold. I was so very disappointed. That night, my husband and I crawled into bed under three blankets and talked about what happened. We both agreed that next year, we weren’t going to risk the same thing happening. We’re getting our heater looked at near the end of summer.

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The heater isn’t working

On our second day in our new home, the temperature outside was very cold. The high temperature for the day was only thirty degrees, and the low was in the single digits. My wife asked me to turn on the heater in the home, but there was an issue that prevented the HVAC system from working properly. I can not think of anything worse than going to a new city and not having heat in your home.

           Since we were renting the home, I called the property manager and requested that a repair service be performed. The property manager advised that the heating system had been tested several days earlier and was working properly. She said that there was no way the heating system was not working now, but I told her that it was definitely not working as intended. She told me that she would come over later in the day and inspect the heating system on her own. I told her that we needed it fixed as soon as possible, as we were freezing in our own home.

           Since I was not convinced that the property manager would figure out the issue with the heating system, I set up an appointment with an HVAC repair technician for later in the day. When the property manager arrived, she tried for several minutes to get the heating system to work. Not surprisingly, she was unable to figure out the issue with the heater. Thankfully, the HVAC technician arrived while she was still there, and he was able to fix the heater in only a few minutes.

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I’m so happy about this newer home

My wife and I moved into our new home this week. We now officially live in the midwestern portion of the country, and it is completely different from what we are used to. The both of us have lived in the Southeast for our entire lives up to this point. After I selected the house that we were going to live in, the realtor reminded me that I needed to turn on the utilities. She mentioned that the electric and water are handled separately; consequently, I called both utility companies and had everything setup    .

          When we arrived, the air conditioning and water were working perfectly. My wife was nervous that I had waited too long to set everything up, and she was expecting to find a home with no functioning HVAC system or water. She was especially concerned with the heater because it was supposed to be cold when we arrived. When we got there, we turned on the fireplace to try to warm the place down. Unfortunately, the fireplace did not turn on.

         Apparently, the home also runs on gas, and I had not called the utility company to have the gas turned on. Not only did we not have functioning heat, but we also did not have hot water in our home. Needless to say, we were very cold for the first few days, as we did not have heat or even a hot bath to warm us up. A friend down the street gave us a space heater that we used to keep our children warm at nights, but we had to suffer on our own in our room.

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