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Septic systems

I love to go for walks around my property. I have a lot of open space and what I do is walk in a circle around my house. I have noticed something on my walks though. The backyard has a super foul odor. It smells like poop that has been stationary for awhile. I feel my nose is accurate and what I am smelling is my septic tank. The septic tank filters out your waste. What is does is create three layers. The top layer is the water that is separated out, and then is pushed down the drain line. The drainage field is a line that stems far away from your home. That is a way of cleaning the tank. The other two layers need to break down further and longer before they can be removed. Most of the time the septic tank needs to be professionally pumped by a plumbing company. It is actually recommended to have a plumbing company come out every few years to deal with your septic system. However, it is super expensive and invasive to your home. The septic system is buried under the ground. So the lawn gets ripped up, the tank brought up and those foul smells are pumped out. It is gross for everyone involved. I think that is what I need to do though. Either my tank is full or there is something clogging my septic system. Either way, that requires a plumber to get in my system. I am not happy about this. But, I need to get on it soon before damage happens.


This is very expensive

Last June, when my air conditioner started making some weird noises and dripping an excessive amount of water, I decided to attempt the repairs on my own.  There aren’t all that many moving parts inside an air conditioner, so I didn’t think it would be that difficult.  I first checked out the owner’s manual, and then watched some DIY videos online.  I realized that I didn’t have the proper tools to take the air conditioner apart.  I drove to the hardware store and spent way more than expected buying a variety of tools.  Since I’d get to keep the tool and use them for other projects, it seemed like a worthwhile investment.  I then dedicated close to two hours just taking the air conditioner apart.  I quickly figured out that I needed to buy a new air filter for the air conditioner and some replacement parts.  I made a second trip to the hardware store, found what I needed, and spent another two hours carefully cleaning the inner workings of the cooling system.  There was a significant buildup of mold and mildew growth on the cooling coil.  The online information recommended a special chemical to kill the bacteria and prevent future growth.  This forced me to make a third trip to the hardware store, waste more time and spend more money.  Once I finished the entire process, I found it quite difficult to put the air conditioner back together again.  Although I was delighted that the cooling system was once again running perfectly, I don’t ever plan on tackling another repair on my own.  

humidity control 

Saving money and improving comfort

There are quite a few different types and styles of thermostats on the market. Old-fashioned thermostats simply control the temperature setting, and target the entire house as a whole.  This method does not take into account the unique demands of different rooms and tends to lead to hot and cold spots.  There are now programmable thermostats that allow homeowners to easily accommodate their daily schedule.  The thermostat can be set to automatically raise or lower the temperature setting when the family is typically out of the house or asleep.  This type of thermostat is simple to install and use, and provides very basic functions.  Over the last few years, manufacturers have continued to develop technology and now offer a thermostat with wifi connectivity.  These smart controls actually learn from behavior, adapting operation accordingly.  If you normally wake up at eight o’clock in the morning and bump up the temperature setting, the thermostat will automatically do this for you.  There are also sensors which keep track of where you are in the house.  When you enter or exit a room, leave the house or come home, the thermostat adjusts the operation of the furnace or air conditioner to either conserve energy or provide ideal comfort.  These technologically advanced thermostats are accessible through an app on your smartphone or computer, making it easy to keep track of HVAC equipment or make changes from just about anywhere.  The control will provide outdoor weather conditions, humidity levels, energy saving tips, energy tracking, and notifications for maintenance and filter changes.  You can even set up zones in the house and customize heating and cooling room-by-room.  

young’s air conditioning 

Street hockey

If you didn’t grow up in a region where ice forms naturally on ponds you may not be familiar with the sport of hockey. Many of the kids in our region grew up ice skating on a regular basis and playing hockey out on frozen ponds. Our City even host a huge pond hockey tournament every year and teams travel from all over the United States to participate. This is a sport that has gained popularity in the past 10 years because there are more more professional hockey teams. Many of them hail from regions where they’ve never seen a frozen pond, and they must depend on artificial ice or very industrial HVAC systems to keep their rinks operating. Many of the players even state that they grew up playing street hockey vs ice hockey just because there were no rinks available. Now even States like Arizona have ice rinks that people can skate on the around thanks to the modern technology and HVAC systems that can maintain the ice at a specific temperature. Many years ago this technology did not exist so the only professional hockey teams there were, we’re located in the northeast or up in Canada. We live in an area where ice is a normal way of life in the winter time and so each year during the professional playoffs we always root for a team that comes from a cold region instead of one that comes from the southwest. There is just something to be said for a team that has learned the true sport versus the street version.

Baking for the holidays

I love preparing for the holidays. Everything about it makes me excited whether it is, shopping for presents, decorating the house, or baking cookies, I love all of it. I remember when my kids were young I seldom had time to enjoy these things because I was running them from one place to the next, however now that they are grown I can enjoy them and take my time. I spend hours sometimes walking around the mall just window shopping and seeing if something catches my eye that my kids might like. When I’m home I can either relax or decide to do some baking and not have to worry about being rushed to get somewhere. The only problem with baking as many cookies as I do is the fact that my house gets extremely warm. We heat primarily with a wood stove and that tends to have the house warmer than normal anyway, so when you add in the heat from the oven it can be quite oppressive. I have even been known to open the windows to let in the winter air just so that I can breathe. I wish there were some sort of small air conditioner I could hook up in the kitchen during baking season to make it more comfortable. Maybe the next time are HVAC technician is out for a tune-up I will ask him if I have any options for that. I am sure that this will add to our energy bills a bit but it will be worth it if I can cook and decorate in comfort.

furnace service 

Making a deal

Have you ever seen your favorite band in concert? I have been lucky enough to see mine many times, but for me, I have five groups tied for number one favorite band. One of them is no longer together so I will probably never get to see them unless they have some kind of reunion tour. Three of them I have seen on separate occasions and the last I just got to catch live and in concert about a month ago. I actually did not hear about the show until it was already sold out. I had to go through quite a bit to secure tickets. One of my friends happened to have an extra. He also was having some issues with his HVAC system. Knowing full well that I used to work in that field, he offered that if I fixed up his climate control system, he would give the ticket to me. He knew how expensive any kind of heating or cooling equipment work is, so this was a good way for him to save on his air conditioner repair. It was a pretty fair offer, especially since he was not expecting me to pay for the HVAC components. The deal was basically a ticket to a show that was on my bucket list, for a little A/C repair work. He was buying my time with that ticket, but I was on board. Incidentally, the air conditioner itself was still in good shape, it just needed a few small parts switched out. A climate control repair service would have charged him a small fortune in labor though.

HVAC company 

emergency service

If you have ever had to crush a giant bug with your bare hand or step on one with your bare foot, you can probably understand my aversion to those disgusting critters. I grew up in a new house, in an area where you only ever run into a spider or a mouse here and there, but otherwise do not have much to worry about in the way of pests. After my wife got a job in the deep south though, we had to relocate and I learned all about an entire world of horror I previously never had to deal with. Our house that we bought also was not the newest. It was a gorgeous old victorian. The only drawback was the climate control system. When we bought it, all of the equipment in place was defunct except for the fireplace. The previous family apparently liked the primitive life and felt that having an air conditioner was frivolous and unnecessary. Even though I am not super sensitive to temperatures, A/C is very necessary down in this climate region because of the bugs. In reality, your home HVAC system does more than control temperature, especially if you get bugs in your area. The air conditioner and dehumidifier do so much to keep those pesky critters out. When your climate control system is functioning properly, it will create a hostile environment for bugs. The fireplace at the house was plenty to keep things warm during the winter, but anybody who knows HVAC systems will tell you how advantageous they can be beyond temperature control.

Boiler maintenance

When my daughter called the other day she seemed upset. She asked to talk to her dad because she was worried that there was a leak in the walls of her bathroom.  She lives in the city in the lower half of a large house.  The tenants upstairs were away for the day and she said that there was water running through the walls from the upstairs.  She didn’t want to leave her house for work, only to come home to a flooded bathroom.  She said that she had called her neighbors and gone up make sure there was no running water,, but the sound had persisted.  My husband asked her if the heat was on in the house.  She said that she did have it on low and then he asked her what type of heat the building had.  She said that they had a boiler that was gas powered.  He told her that they needed to contact an HVAC company to have them come and bleed the lines of air.  The water sound she was hearing was more than likely caused by the air travelling through the pipes each time the heat kicked on.  Boilers don’t require as much maintenance as forced air systems but they should still be serviced occasionally to make sure the water levels are accurate and that the lines are free of trapped air.  She said that she would call the landlord and have them schedule the appointment.  Hopefully they will do that soon so that the noise will stop making her nervous. At least she doesn’t have to pay for the upkeep of the HVAC system.

commercial HVAC 

This snow feels awesome

Without any doubt, the winter season is my number to time of the year. I easily enjoy sitting inside of my entryway, while enjoying the view of the snow Plus how it falls on to the trees. I sit comfortably in my sweatpants, while drinking a large cup of hot cocoa. I get to feel toasty moderate from my heating plus air conditioning system. Outdoor activities can be awesome, so sitting in the house is not the only thing I like to do. I Love hitting the slopes during the day, then coming home to my heating plus air conditioning system afterward. Another type of winter interest that I have, happens to be spending time outside working on the driveway. I enjoy all of the time, plus really enjoy spending time inside of the house afterward. That is the time when I get to enjoy my heating plus air conditioning system. The winter weather really warms up our home, Plus this has been something that I have been doing since I was a small child.It seems like there is a serious theme Of spending time Outdoors, plus enjoying the heating plus air conditioning system afterward. Maybe I happen to be a child at my heart, but these are the things that I love doing plus they make me feel right. I think that I will purchase a snowmobile next year, so that I can have even greater fun during the cold winter season.Everything will be perfect in my very own Winter Wonderland. That’s just the way that I like it to be.

heat and AC 

Walking through a winter wonderland

Without a doubt winter has to be my favorite time of year. I love sitting in my living room watching the snow gently fall onto the leave-less trees in my front yard as I sit comfortably in my sweats drinking a hot cup of cocoa while being kept toasty warm by my awesome HVAC system. But sitting inside is not all I like doing, for outdoor winter activities are awesome! I go with a bunch of friends up to the mountains a few hours away to go skiing at least once a month during the winter. I love to hit the slopes all day then warm up afterward in the nice heated lodge they have there. Another fun wintertime activity I like to do is shoveling my driveway. As hard as it sounds the idea of going out early in the morning and spending an hour shoveling out the driveway and walkway are exciting to me. I absolutely love the workout I get from doing it, and once I’m done I go inside and crank up the furnace to high and stand over the vent to get toasty warm. I suppose there is a theme here of me getting cold out in the winter weather then going inside and warming up using the furnace. Maybe I’m just still a kid at heart, but it has been something I have always loved doing since I was a child and I figure why stop doing something that feels so right. Next year I’m going to buy a snowmobile for even more outdoor adventures.

heater repair