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September is 1 of my best days, then not only because my anniversary is in the month of September, but because I can take my very own kiddo trick or treating, I used to love dressing up when I was just a little kid. I couldn’t even just get over how you just go right up to a very random person’s house there, and after yelling trick or treat so many times they just simply hand you some candy. Now I get to take my own child trick or treating too! The only big downfall is that the weather on Halloween evening is calling for nearly 30 degrees and a few inches of snow even. I’m so incredibly anxious because my child is just a little under more than one years old, and it’s her very first halloween that she is aware of things around him now too. Now I won’t be able to take him out in the very freezing weather away from him getting sick or being very angry, however my friend called myself and others up and said that there was a local mall down the road from us that did trick or treating inside. How awesome is that for me. The mall has a fabulous Heating and Air Conditioning system as well. I actually love going to the mall because while in the freezing Wintertime weeks, the mall is heated so nicely for everyone, and you don’t even have to wear a heavy jacket inside the mall there, because it’s nice and toasty warm too. This made myself and others so delightful because now I can just take my child trick or treating inside a sizzling building that has a very wonderful Heating and Air Conditioning system. I’m so thankful for those places like the mall that open all of their doors to families just like ours, who can’t even just go outside in the very freezing hot and cold temperatures because our kiddo is far too little. Nothing like being nice and sizzling on halloween evening while doing the same thing you would do just outside!

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