We really should tighten up the security

I thought graduate school would be not that different from undergrad. I was wrong, it is a lot more time, effort and energy. I also have to do things I have never done before. I have this one professor that forces us to research and present topics that we are unfamiliar with. This month I got assigned building analytics. I had to learn what that was and pitch why it is so great to my fellow graduate peers. After researching it, I do see the benefit in using building analytics. So basically what happens is that in big businesses a lot of energy is wasted. Whether it is your lights, HVAC system or security system, something is not efficient. The building that is not running the way it should, overtime you lose quite a bit of money. Building analytics is a program that runs through a company’s building. The system finds hidden inefficiencies and then comes up with a plan to improve those areas of weakness. It could be that your security system alarm goes off at 3am every night. It could be a lone security guard is leaving your lights on overnight. Or it even could be the HVAC system is not able to reach all areas in your building. Whatever the problem, building analytics finds it. It gives you a prioritized to do list and lists services you could get like a lighting control system, integrated HVAC control or an energy management system. It really can be a helpful thing for larger businesses. I think my peers in graduate school agreed with it too.

building analytics 

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