Walking through a winter wonderland

Without a doubt winter has to be my favorite time of year. I love sitting in my living room watching the snow gently fall onto the leave-less trees in my front yard as I sit comfortably in my sweats drinking a hot cup of cocoa while being kept toasty warm by my awesome HVAC system. But sitting inside is not all I like doing, for outdoor winter activities are awesome! I go with a bunch of friends up to the mountains a few hours away to go skiing at least once a month during the winter. I love to hit the slopes all day then warm up afterward in the nice heated lodge they have there. Another fun wintertime activity I like to do is shoveling my driveway. As hard as it sounds the idea of going out early in the morning and spending an hour shoveling out the driveway and walkway are exciting to me. I absolutely love the workout I get from doing it, and once I’m done I go inside and crank up the furnace to high and stand over the vent to get toasty warm. I suppose there is a theme here of me getting cold out in the winter weather then going inside and warming up using the furnace. Maybe I’m just still a kid at heart, but it has been something I have always loved doing since I was a child and I figure why stop doing something that feels so right. Next year I’m going to buy a snowmobile for even more outdoor adventures.

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