This is not a time to complain

About six months ago, the water tank installed in my basement corroded and ruptured, causing quite a bit of water damage.  Since this was the second time we’ve faced this same type of disaster, my husband and I were looking to do something different.  We researched the various manufacturers and styles of water heaters and decided to give tankless water heating a try.  Although the initial investment into the purchase and installation of a tankless water heater is significantly higher than a conventional option, we felt it was worth it.  Tankless water heating provides a tremendous amount of benefits, and usually pays for itself within five years.  This type of water heating completely eliminates the standard tank, and requires very little installation space.  The unit is about the size of a briefcase and can be mounted on an exterior wall or even outside.  When a faucet is activated, the water passes through a heat exchanger and is heated as needed.  Because of this, the water is not sitting in a tank being continually reheated.  This eliminates standby energy losses, and the water does not absorb harmful contaminants or minerals.  The water is far cleaner and healthier, and there is a plentiful supply of it.  There is no waiting for water to heat up and not running short of hot water.  This type of water heating not only costs far less in energy costs and reduces water waste, but also last more than twice as long as a conventional alternative.  We have access to superior safety features and more personalized control over temperature setting.  We don’t need to worry about ruptured tanks or flooding, and we are totally happy with performance of the tankless water heater.  One of the only drawbacks of tankless water heating is that the system struggles if we draw from multiple sources at once.  Since it is only my husband and I at home, this has not been a problem for us.

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