Street hockey

If you didn’t grow up in a region where ice forms naturally on ponds you may not be familiar with the sport of hockey. Many of the kids in our region grew up ice skating on a regular basis and playing hockey out on frozen ponds. Our City even host a huge pond hockey tournament every year and teams travel from all over the United States to participate. This is a sport that has gained popularity in the past 10 years because there are more more professional hockey teams. Many of them hail from regions where they’ve never seen a frozen pond, and they must depend on artificial ice or very industrial HVAC systems to keep their rinks operating. Many of the players even state that they grew up playing street hockey vs ice hockey just because there were no rinks available. Now even States like Arizona have ice rinks that people can skate on the around thanks to the modern technology and HVAC systems that can maintain the ice at a specific temperature. Many years ago this technology did not exist so the only professional hockey teams there were, we’re located in the northeast or up in Canada. We live in an area where ice is a normal way of life in the winter time and so each year during the professional playoffs we always root for a team that comes from a cold region instead of one that comes from the southwest. There is just something to be said for a team that has learned the true sport versus the street version.

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