Septic systems

I love to go for walks around my property. I have a lot of open space and what I do is walk in a circle around my house. I have noticed something on my walks though. The backyard has a super foul odor. It smells like poop that has been stationary for awhile. I feel my nose is accurate and what I am smelling is my septic tank. The septic tank filters out your waste. What is does is create three layers. The top layer is the water that is separated out, and then is pushed down the drain line. The drainage field is a line that stems far away from your home. That is a way of cleaning the tank. The other two layers need to break down further and longer before they can be removed. Most of the time the septic tank needs to be professionally pumped by a plumbing company. It is actually recommended to have a plumbing company come out every few years to deal with your septic system. However, it is super expensive and invasive to your home. The septic system is buried under the ground. So the lawn gets ripped up, the tank brought up and those foul smells are pumped out. It is gross for everyone involved. I think that is what I need to do though. Either my tank is full or there is something clogging my septic system. Either way, that requires a plumber to get in my system. I am not happy about this. But, I need to get on it soon before damage happens.


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