Saving money and improving comfort

There are quite a few different types and styles of thermostats on the market. Old-fashioned thermostats simply control the temperature setting, and target the entire house as a whole.  This method does not take into account the unique demands of different rooms and tends to lead to hot and cold spots.  There are now programmable thermostats that allow homeowners to easily accommodate their daily schedule.  The thermostat can be set to automatically raise or lower the temperature setting when the family is typically out of the house or asleep.  This type of thermostat is simple to install and use, and provides very basic functions.  Over the last few years, manufacturers have continued to develop technology and now offer a thermostat with wifi connectivity.  These smart controls actually learn from behavior, adapting operation accordingly.  If you normally wake up at eight o’clock in the morning and bump up the temperature setting, the thermostat will automatically do this for you.  There are also sensors which keep track of where you are in the house.  When you enter or exit a room, leave the house or come home, the thermostat adjusts the operation of the furnace or air conditioner to either conserve energy or provide ideal comfort.  These technologically advanced thermostats are accessible through an app on your smartphone or computer, making it easy to keep track of HVAC equipment or make changes from just about anywhere.  The control will provide outdoor weather conditions, humidity levels, energy saving tips, energy tracking, and notifications for maintenance and filter changes.  You can even set up zones in the house and customize heating and cooling room-by-room.  

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