Making a deal

Have you ever seen your favorite band in concert? I have been lucky enough to see mine many times, but for me, I have five groups tied for number one favorite band. One of them is no longer together so I will probably never get to see them unless they have some kind of reunion tour. Three of them I have seen on separate occasions and the last I just got to catch live and in concert about a month ago. I actually did not hear about the show until it was already sold out. I had to go through quite a bit to secure tickets. One of my friends happened to have an extra. He also was having some issues with his HVAC system. Knowing full well that I used to work in that field, he offered that if I fixed up his climate control system, he would give the ticket to me. He knew how expensive any kind of heating or cooling equipment work is, so this was a good way for him to save on his air conditioner repair. It was a pretty fair offer, especially since he was not expecting me to pay for the HVAC components. The deal was basically a ticket to a show that was on my bucket list, for a little A/C repair work. He was buying my time with that ticket, but I was on board. Incidentally, the air conditioner itself was still in good shape, it just needed a few small parts switched out. A climate control repair service would have charged him a small fortune in labor though.

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