Let’s cool this place down

Because of the severity of our winter seasons, I worry about a malfunction with the furnace.  In the area where I live, we deal with cold weather for approximately seven months out of the year.  The temperature drops below freezing, and frequently dips below zero.  It’s not unusual for us to withstand temperatures of twenty below zero.  It snows every day for months at a time, and piles up in drifts several feet high.  With blizzard conditions, the roads are dangerous, and we end up trapped in the house.  It’s not always possible for repairmen to make it to the house, but we can’t survive without a working furnace.  Something as minor as an accumulation of dust inside the heating system can restrict airflow and diminish comfort.  It can even lead to overheating, and the furnace quitting completely.  I worry about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire.  I have enrolled in a preventative maintenance program with a local HVAC contractor.  Every fall, a licensed technician comes to the house to thoroughly clean, adjust and inspect all the components of the furnace.  If there are any parts that are especially worn or broken, the technician replaces them.  He removes the buildup of dust and debris within the inner workings to promote maximum airflow and energy efficiency.  He lubricates the moving parts, tightens electrical connections and carefully inspects the integrity of the heat exchanger.  This annual service helps to prevent potential breakdowns and safety issues.  I can be sure that my furnace is running at its best.  My home is more comfortable, and I definitely save money on the cost of operation and ownership.  


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