I wanted A/C for my birthday

I remember the first time I experienced air conditioning in my home.  I was almost forty years old, and up until then, all we had were fans.  A friend of mine had taken pity on me when he showed up and I was having a terrible time with my asthma.  I couldn’t breathe and it was so hot in my apartment that I didn’t even want to move.  My daughter was out running with friends, and she had the car, which is all the air conditioning I had.  He took me for a ride so I could have some cooler air, and then he got a hotel room so my daughter and I could have air conditioning on the hottest and most humid night we had had in about ten years.  I called my daughter and I told her where to come when she got home.  We spent three days in that hotel, and we never moved away from the air conditioner.  When the heat wave broke, we ventured back to the apartment, almost dreading what we would find.  Instead of a hot and sticky mess, we walked into a cool home.  While we were gone, my best friend had bought an air conditioner and put it in the window.  It was blowing cool air throughout the entire downstairs.  When we went upstairs, there were smaller window air conditioners in both of our bedroom.  I started to get together as much money as I could to pay him back, but he said happy birthday, and went home.  We haven’t been without air conditioning, since.

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