I think we should let the water flow right out

I will never go back to having one bathroom. I have been living with my girlfriend Fiona for three years. We have gone through a series of different apartments. Fiona and I used to share a bathroom, but we recently upgraded to a bigger place. There are two bathrooms, a bigger kitchen and a huge living room. Fiona is all about the kitchen, I personally love having my own bathroom. Have you ever shared a bathroom with a woman? It is totally horrible. My girlfriend’s hair gets everywhere, especially the drains. I used to need to snake the shower drain with a plumber’s snake once a week. I also would clean the drain by hand and remove the hair daily. All of this hair removal in the shower was to promote better drainage. I also would have to clean the sink drain after a few weeks. Her hair would somehow get down those drains too. If I let the hair be, the drains would not work. The water would remain stationary in all the plumbing fixtures. Then that water would stain the fixtures and I would need to scrub later. Also Fiona would sometimes throw items down the toilet that could not be flushed. The toilet would overflow and I would have to take off the bowl. Then I would have to snake down that drain periodically. I like having my own bathroom where none of that happens. I let her fend for herself now. My drains are clean and my toilet is always flushing great. Her bathroom always has struggles.

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