I need to move

My wife and I went away on vacation a couple of months ago.  We always go away in April, for our anniversary.  The day we left, it was in the fifties, and we turned the thermostat off, figured we could save on the heating because the weather was now getting a bit mild.  While we were gone, I was listening to the weather report, and I couldn’t believe what I saw.  A freak snowstorm had gone through our area.  The temperatures had dropped to zero over night, and there was blizzard like conditions occurring.  They said the temperatures were going to remain in the upper twenties and low thirties throughout the week.  I was already dreading what I was going to go home to.  I had turned the furnace off for the week, and now this was going on.  I could picture frozen pipes.  I knew it was going to be frigid, at the very least, and there was going to be a strain on the furnace when we brought the temperature back up, if the frozen pipes hadn’t burst and destroyed our boiler.  I was ready to pack and go home, when my wife, was just smiling.  She kissed my cheek, and told me that she had seen this possibility when she was watching the news waiting for me to get ready to leave.  She had reset the thermostat to fifty-five, and everything was going to be fine.  I often wonder what I would do without her.  I just wish she weren’t so smug, when she knows she is right.

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