I love this air conditioning

October is 1 of my most favorite months. Not only because my birthday is right in October, but because I can just take my kiddo trick or treating if I want to. Just like when I used to like dressing up when I was a very little kid. I couldn’t really get over how you just go up to a random person’s house somewhere, in addition to after yelling trick or treat they just hand you some good candy. Now I get to take my son trick or treating like that too! The only downfall is that the weather on halloween evening is calling for 30 degrees in addition to a few inches of snow here in the area. I’m so very anxious because my son is a little under multiple years old now, in addition to it’s his first halloween that he is aware of things around him everywhere. Now I won’t even be able to take him right out in the frosty weather without him getting incredibly sick or being a bit agitated! My neighbor called myself and others up in addition to said that there was a nice local mall just down the road from us that did trick or treating right inside. How awesome is that though. The mall has a very fabulous Heating as well as A/C system. I really like going to the mall because during the Winter season months, the mall is heated so very nicely! You don’t even have to wear a large overcoat inside the mall, because it’s very nice in addition to being very toasty warm. This made myself and others so very happy because now I can certainly take my son trick or treating inside a hot building that has a good Heating as well as A/C system. I’m so very thankful for venues like the mall that open their doors to families like ours, who can’t go outside in those very frosty temperatures because our kiddo is far too little. Nothing like being nice in addition to being warm on halloween evening while doing the same thing you would do only outside!

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