I had some air duct issues

Last winter, I noticed some problems with temperature and air quality in my house.  There were cold spots in various rooms, and the furnace seemed to run constantly.  The heated air smelled unpleasant, and there was an excessive amount of dust floating around.  My monthly energy bills were much higher than normal, and my house wasn’t perfectly comfortable.  Since I have my furnace professionally serviced every fall, I couldn’t figure out the problem.  When my kids started complaining of headaches every time the furnace started up, I called my HVAC contractor for assistance.  The technician carefully inspected the furnace and said that everything looked fine.  He suggested that the ductwork was possibly the problem, and asked when was the last time it was cleaned.  At that point, I had never had the ductwork cleaned.  I’d never even given it a thought.  Since the indoor air passes through the duct system multiple times a day, it greatly impacts the health, cleanliness and comfort of the home.  When the HVAC technician accessed the duct system, he found all sorts of unpleasant stuff hidden inside.  There was a sizable accumulation of dust, bugs, webs, dander, pollen, mold and even a dead mouse.  This buildup of debris was blocking airflow through the system, making the furnace run longer and work harder to satisfy demand.  This required greater energy usage and resulted in higher monthly bills. The duct cleaning process was fairly quick, inexpensive and noninvasive.  The HVAC technician brought in equipment that resembled a large vacuum cleaner, which safely removed the debris within the duct system.   I now will keep up with the maintenance of both the furnace and the ductwork.

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