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If you have ever had to crush a giant bug with your bare hand or step on one with your bare foot, you can probably understand my aversion to those disgusting critters. I grew up in a new house, in an area where you only ever run into a spider or a mouse here and there, but otherwise do not have much to worry about in the way of pests. After my wife got a job in the deep south though, we had to relocate and I learned all about an entire world of horror I previously never had to deal with. Our house that we bought also was not the newest. It was a gorgeous old victorian. The only drawback was the climate control system. When we bought it, all of the equipment in place was defunct except for the fireplace. The previous family apparently liked the primitive life and felt that having an air conditioner was frivolous and unnecessary. Even though I am not super sensitive to temperatures, A/C is very necessary down in this climate region because of the bugs. In reality, your home HVAC system does more than control temperature, especially if you get bugs in your area. The air conditioner and dehumidifier do so much to keep those pesky critters out. When your climate control system is functioning properly, it will create a hostile environment for bugs. The fireplace at the house was plenty to keep things warm during the winter, but anybody who knows HVAC systems will tell you how advantageous they can be beyond temperature control.

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