Baking for the holidays

I love preparing for the holidays. Everything about it makes me excited whether it is, shopping for presents, decorating the house, or baking cookies, I love all of it. I remember when my kids were young I seldom had time to enjoy these things because I was running them from one place to the next, however now that they are grown I can enjoy them and take my time. I spend hours sometimes walking around the mall just window shopping and seeing if something catches my eye that my kids might like. When I’m home I can either relax or decide to do some baking and not have to worry about being rushed to get somewhere. The only problem with baking as many cookies as I do is the fact that my house gets extremely warm. We heat primarily with a wood stove and that tends to have the house warmer than normal anyway, so when you add in the heat from the oven it can be quite oppressive. I have even been known to open the windows to let in the winter air just so that I can breathe. I wish there were some sort of small air conditioner I could hook up in the kitchen during baking season to make it more comfortable. Maybe the next time are HVAC technician is out for a tune-up I will ask him if I have any options for that. I am sure that this will add to our energy bills a bit but it will be worth it if I can cook and decorate in comfort.

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