An odorless gas

I will admit, I had no idea what radon was. I always pictured radon as red laser beams. I thought radon was the red lights that twirl around a home as a security system. I also kind of put radon with ray guns. Yeah, radon is not that cool. Radon is actually a gas, a bad one too. Radon is similar to carbon monoxide in that it is everywhere. You can breathe both gases in, but too much is bad. Carbon monoxide is released by your gas furnace. A little bit is okay, but if the heater breaks down, a ton of gas comes out. If you don’t notice it, you can get sick, be hospitalized and even die. Radon comes in through the ground and if breathed in excessively, can be bad. You can get really sick, develop lung cancer and die. So these gases are not to be messed with. I have to say though, even knowing this I am not afraid. I just don’t find glasses to be that scary. Perhaps this is due to me thinking it was a neat gadget for a long time. After learning about it, I never have taken radon seriously. I know certain people who have radon detectors and use radon kits to test their home. I have never done this and I am super healthy. No lung cancer in sight. My opinion is that this gas is not as powerful as it wants to be. Most people are overreacting when they get too close to this gas. Just open and window or two.

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