Adjusting my plumbing quickly

My family has dealt with their fair shares of water issues. To start with we use well water. The water is pumped from underground and then delivered to our hot water tank. The water then goes through the pipes and is running through our fixtures. I like to say that the water is toxic since all of our fixtures end up stained with rust and other issues. Also the hot water tank frequently rusts. The worst is that the water heater has a piece called an anode rod. This piece catches sediment and harmful particles from going in the water you bathe, drink and cook with. However, the water is so toxic that the rod can’t handle it. We always know when the rod is done because of the smell. The water smells like rotten eggs and nobody wants to deal with this. Then my husband has to go downstairs and rip out the rod with the water heater. We then pour bleach in the hot water tank and let it work through our pipes. Then we have clean water again after the bleach cycles through. We also have dealt with the temperature of the hot water being off. Our dial thermostat with the hot water tank has been damaged before. All of the water that came out of our fixtures was scalding hot. That was a horrible plumbing repair to do myself. Our water additionally has been only icy cold before we no hope of warming up. Running out of hot water is more common for us though. It is not the water tank or the heater, it is simply our water that causes all of our problems.

water tank 

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