A radon test kit

My brother and I love to get each other really horrible gifts for holidays. We get a kick out of stupid gifts and making the other one use them. We get so much enjoyment out of the other person’s misery. My brother has really upped his game this year. For my birthday he got me a radon test kit. I knew radon was a gas and it was bad, that was about it. Apparently radon can cause cancer and seriously mess with if it is in your home. So there are radon kits to test if you have radon. I am not a very motivated person. I have never thought about radon and even if I was told about it, I would unlikely take immediate action. But, the spirit of the weird gifts is that you have to use them. So I was forced to use my brother’s radon detector. It was such a good gift because it forced me to do three things I hate. I had to research, read directions and take action. I had to research what radon is exactly and why I should test for it. Next I had to read directions on how to use the detector kit and where to set it up. Of course I qualified in multiple areas of my home. So I had to set up the detector everywhere, that was me taking action. I then got me score and had a low enough radon level. It was annoying and time consuming. It was a perfect gift from him. How am I going to top that?

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